Botanical Corner

Aphrodite Botanical Corner

Aphrodite Shop has released this charming Botanical Corner at On9‘s first anniversary round which will be open through April 28th.  

If you haven’t napped under a tin roof while it’s raining – now’s your chance.  Glass pane windows at the front and sides give a  greenhouse feel and the terrariums and potted plants inside make for that loamy, damp soil aroma that is one of the best things about being a garden hound!

Aphrodite Botanical Corner 2

Candles (I’m imagining vanilla and daffodil) are burning and there is a comfy, overstuffed chair with an ottoman where you can curl up and read or have a cup of tea. In my world that’s better than comfort food.

The interior includes all you see in the photo’s.  Exterior landscaping shows pink camellia and white hydrangea from Reid Parkin’s Mesh Plants, trees and ground cover from Hayabusa, an alligator apple bush and hostas from Studio Skye, Cobblestones from Stormwood, daisies and buttercups available at Heart Garden Centre, purple lilies from Serious Business and pink flowers from [we’re CLOSED].



Is there anything better than trees that grow chocolate eggs??

Easter Trees Aphrodite_Good

The color’s of spring and the Easter season are in these beautiful trees from Aphrodite Shop.   I surrounded our pond with every color in the box. . purples, blues, fantasy, orange, pinks . . mix with tulips or your favorite spring flowers and the effect and feel is magical.

They are loaded with chocolate eggs that drop randomly – gather them and eat them up!

I think these are a great setting for a children’s Easter Egg  Hunt or an Easter buffet surrounded by all this beautiful color.  Perhaps a wedding?

Check out all the great Easter themed items at the Aphrodite Easter Market.

Aphrodite Shop The Easter Eggs Tree Spring version

Heart Garden Centre– Tulips Large Patches

Hayabusa Design Wind Field of Grass and Flowers M1 v1-1a t15 s

Studio-Skye Temperate Shrubs – Fern Type 2

Thistle Let’s Party Dock

meadowWorks Swan Bench  w/Pillows M/T RARE

Tomato Park Swan

Long week … rewarded

Weekend Reward

At the end of a long, hard  week there is a definite joy to unwinding surrounded by flowers, the evening sounds of the garden and some of your favorite people.

Weekend Reward 2

Vespertine’s Rosemary garden gateway has that secret garden feel that is the perfect entryway for outdoor dining.

Weekend Reward 3

The Forest Dining Set from Bazar fits nicely into this smallish garden area and the curtained pavilion adds to the aura of intimacy.   Seat everyone and enjoy a selection of wines and a 5 course meal.

Weekend Reward 5

Have an enchanted weekend.

Weekend Reward 4

{vespertine} – Rosemary garden gateway  / oxidized copper
collabor88  (March round)

Bazar Forest Dining
Dining Table
Dining Chair
Menu Card
Place Setting’s A& B
Candle A & B
Wine Bottles
Flower Pot

Mesh Plants (Reid Parkin)
Hedge Season Change
Camellia Bush – White
Climbing Rose White
Hydrangea Bush – White – Tall 2
White Daisies on Rocks

Stormwood ~ Cobblestone Floor

meadowWorks Anenome ground cover

Heart Garden Centre Tulips
Mesh Boulder 1

[DDD] Rose Bush – Baseless
Deplanted Fern Clumps

Skye Temperate Shrubs
Hosta Leaf 3
Buckeye Large

Kazimir Patio Fountain

Botanical – Touch 2 Change Sword Fern

=EliBaily= Ivy

Sway’s [Hana] Tulips in wooden Bucket
@ Liaison Collaborative (March Round)

 weekend reward 10_002

Life is too short to sleep on low thread count sheets. ~ Leah Stussy

Beach house 2016 bedroom_002

Nothing beats a comfortable bed surrounded by things you love.  Restful colors with the addition of a few pieces to add zing is my favorite way to style my bedroom.  I try to keep Zhoy in mind and not get too girlie but as long as we are together in the bed, he never complains!

The Rosalie bed from Sway’s – romantic (PG or Adult version) set was my choice for our juara beach house.  The bed frame comes in silver or gold (both included) and the bedding has 8 color options.  Everything is set to match – from the picture frame (gold or silver) to the same color changes available on the lamps.

SQ Oaxacan Cat on Stand

One of my favorite finds this recently is this great  Oaxacan Cat on Stand that I ran across at When Worlds Collide. So well done with rich, vibrant colors and it’s been a conversation piece at our place.  This store has a great mix of furniture and home goods from Africa and Mexico – with a good mix of other countries too.

Sway’s [Rosalie] Bed . romantic / silver (Adult)
 [Rosalie] Bedside table . romantic / silver
[Rosalie] Lamp . romantic
[Greta] potted topiary . tall/flower/bow
[Rosalie] Pot with cactus
[Rosalie] Picture frame . silver

GOOSE – Sea la vie bed end bench
juara beach house
(Part of the SEA la VIEW bedroom set gatcha)

Meche Cozy Cottage Rug 2
(part of the Cozy Cottage gatcha)
Note: All Meche items are meshed by Bad Seed and textured by Turducken. Meche is available at both stores.

{what next} Little Haven Portable TV (pink)

dust bunny . summer picnic . ukulele floral
(part of the Summer Picnic gatcha)

[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – Boxes
 Be My Valentine – Sign

[Fetch] April Showers Curtain – Light Blue 

Soy. Enamel Ware Cup [Flower]

Where Worlds Colide SQ Oaxacan Cat on Stand

I say rhododendron, you say azalea….

Rhodendron Blog_007

My spring would not be complete without the beautiful rhododendron’s and azaleas. All azaleas are rhododendron’s but not all rhododendron’s are azaleas.  You can read further about the differences – but the most important aspect of these amazing shrubs or small trees is the beautiful cluster of flowers.

Rhodendron Blog_011

I was delighted to find these rhododendrons at Cube Republic and I’m in the process of placing banks of these lovely shrubs all around our home and parcel.  For an eye catching display of color and design tuck clusters of these elegant plants next to rocks or around your home and trees.  They can be resized (which changes the prim impact) and unlinked to removed the blooms if you want to use the pretty greenery for a ground cover.

Rhodendron Blog_004

I chose the pink and purple for my landscaping but there is an orange included in the purchase.  Anywhere you need a bright spot or you have an area in need of a colorful focus or backdrop, these rhododendrons are ideal.

Cube Republic (CR) Rhododendron

GOOSE – Juara beach house

Di’Cor Pollen Hanging Lamp [White]

Sway’s [Alice] topiary . candy D
[Ines] Canopy Sofa

Mesh Plants Hanging Bougainvillea in Pot

TB Maison GACHA Garden Stool 1 Turquoise
Wooden Candlesticks, White Trio

Kaerri Greenman Fountain





I need to move away . .find a new job on a beach – with RUM!

Beach 2016 1

My ultimate stress reliever is sand and sun . .mix in the sound of waves breaking on the beach and I’m cured of so many things.  Walks clear my head while softening my feet.  The breezes off the water keep me cooled even on the hottest days. Swimming in salt water is good for your skin.

So .. what’s NOT to love?  Even when the sand creeps into those unusual places and the seagulls fly off – or worse, crap on your hot dog . . it’s worth it.

Beach 2016 2

Top photo

!! Follow US !! Retro Love PickUp (adult) vanilla COPY
@ Tres Chic 2/16

{BE} Ice Cream cart
@ Shiny Shabby 2/16

Soy. Crate w/ Glass Fishing Floats
Glass Fishing Float (blue)

Off-sim Marker Buoy by – e-brink

Jenuwin Designs Boardwalk post
(Part of the Boardwalk set)

Tomato Park pelican_std_v0.1

Virtual Nature Dead BEACH TREES

ArchiTech Designs Random Swamp Grass

Bottom Photo:

{what next} Little Haven Caravan (coastal)
Island Beach Parasol (yellow)
Island Beach Towel
Riviera Beach Parasol (blue)

Trompe Loeil – Pallet Chair White With Pillow (texture chane)

GOOSE – pallet fence & single sit pallet

[ zerkalo ] Country Living – Old Bucket

!Ohmai: Pacific Gulls (standing and soaring)

Sway’s [Shell] beach shells

Botanical – T2C Campfire and stacked woodpile

Aphrodite Shop American beer on ice bucket (drink giver)

[DDD] Firepit Sausage Grill

 Pelican for blog

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques Cousteau

L2Studio Boathouse 4

My heart has left the winter cold and is now looking to spring and there is no better time to be on the Texas Gulf Coast than March through May.

I always wanted to have a boathouse with a shop and living quarters set up along the coast and now – in Second Life – I can fix it up just how I want!  I loved living on the Gulf and I miss it – but this takes a bit of the sting out.

L2Studio Boathouse 3

The L2 Studio Boathouse is exactly what you need to set up a small business on the Laguna Madre or along the Intracoastal Waterway.  Plenty of room for the fishermen to dock and fuel up with lots left for living quarters.  Would make a great waterside bar and restaurant, too.  There are NEVER enough bars and restaurants!  😀

L2Studio Boathouse 2Decor setup includes a freezer, sink and air conditioning

L2Studio Boathouse

Some favorite photos on the wall, boat oars, a chair or 2 scattered about for visitors

Peyote Cube Republic


L2 Studios   The Boathouse (mesh) 114 li —

Botanical   Prickly Pear Cactus – C/M 2

Cube Republic  Peyote Arrangement 1

KIDD Grass Landscape  LONG GRASS * Wild Sword * Scattered * CopyMod

Hayabusa Design   Pebble M6 v2-4 Separated

~Tam~    Wall Art – Metal – Circled Star

=Mirage=   Houseplant 01 Texture Change

Kalopsia    Metal Ladder (from French Rustic Decor set)

Starmark Creations   white awning light

Flag Factory Texas flag * Primo style


**JPK   Texaco Gas Pump

[Pu!se] Jet Ski Wake Attacker – v1.5

junk.   leather booth bench

[ free bird ]    Recycling Bin – Sunflowers

MAC’s Super Shack    NFV2:GasolineFilling Station (flashing)

Thistle    Pile Driving Sign
No Wake Zone Sign
Swim at Your Own Risk Sign
(part of the “Let’s Party” Dock set)

Dutchie    life buoy on hook

Bahia Tiki    Shark

[Fetch]    Summer Picnic Table w/ cloth (texture change)

XD    Daffodils in Zinc Tub Planter (mesh)

Tropical Creations   Seagull, Sculpted Rotating v1.12 Trans


POST:   Haarlem Deco Armchair
Marquette Sink (wide)
Wood Floor Grate (1.5M)

Trompe Loeil    Antique Crate Decor

{what next}    Little Haven Portable TV (light yellow)

The Mustard Seed   TMS  flowers/white petunias, silver vase 2

oyasumi    memories (b&w photo group)
cash register / grey

<HEART HOMES>   Fishermans Plugs Deco Frame

floorplan.    corner oars

Apple Fall Boat Oars
Fleur Sideboard (Mustard)

Urban Degenerates    OLD EXIT SIGN

Creative Mesh    Freezer 2 (update)

Headhunter’s Island    Shark Jaws Wall Deco MESH

Roawenwood    Crate of Fish

Bait ‘N Tackle Sign by Sage

Picture Frame (add your own)

junk.    industrial plant stand. dark.
cactus. ball
cactus. pilosus.
tin bucket light. medium.

Sway’s [Rosalie] Pot with cactus
(deco from the [Rosalie] Bedroom Set


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Galland Homes “Cloverleaf”

Galland Cloverleaf Final

On display at the Home and Garden Expo is Galland Homes new release – the Cloverleaf. This single family, open concept home successfully blends the best elements from traditional American and European styles.  With hardwood floors throughout and attention to detail in such features as crown moldings, baseboards, shadowing and recessed ceilings for lighting, this home has a very chic feel.

Galland Cloverleaf Dining Final

The dining area has French doors and a bank of windows so you can enjoy the outdoors while visiting with your guests over dessert and coffee.  On either side of the windows are niche’s for showing off your treasures.  The area is large enough for a family sized dining suite but is equally charming for a smaller, intimate setting.

Galland Cloverleaf Kitchen Final

Included in the Cloverleaf is an antique white kitchen complete with stove, refrigerator and 2 sinks with running water.  The island/bar and kitchen have a combined total of 35 animations and 21 poses (pg couple poses) with props included for your RP.

Galland Cloverleaf Entryway

There is a generous entryway…….

Galland Cloverleaf Bedroom Final2

……… and an equally generous bedroom.

Galland Cloverleaf back view Final

The back patio is perfect for sunning or grilling and is roomy enough for an outdoor table and chairs.


143 LI – with kitchen

       112 LI – without kitchen

The kitchen will rezz in place with the house. It is not linked for easy removal.

25m wide X 31m deep (2048 sq.m. lots or larger)

The walls are easily recolored without losing the shadowing.  If you add wallpaper there are shadow maps included.

 Note:  Furniture and landscaping not included with the purchase of the Cloverleaf.

P.S.   A red front door traditionally stands for hospitality, which goes hand-in-hand with entertaining!

Christmas in the Air

Heart Homes WInter Chair_001 The Winter Chair from <Heart Homes> is at the current round of Tres Chic.  I moved them from in front of our fireplace to the table and they work well either way. Comfortable and stylish in a soft wintry grey  – they’re perfect.

Heart Homes WInter Chair_003

Included is the hot cocoa tray with 2 steaming mugs of chocolate (decor only).

<HEART HOMES> Winter Chair 1.0 Tres Chic 12/15
Hot cocoa decorative tray
Vagabond – Pearl’s Table
*AF* Snowden Peaks – Wreath White Flowers Sm
Paper Trees
Snowden Peaks – Gingerbread Garland
Sari-Sari – Gingerbread Cake Christmas on 34th Street
Trompe Loeil – Tree Candleholder The Arcade
JIAN :: Festive Potted Tree
Finishing Touches *FT* White Christmas Wrapped Packages
Pine Cone Basket w Slate Blue Bow
Snowflake Garden Hanging Quilt
Knick Knacks Iced Love gachas Snowflakes Shiny Shabby Begins 12/20
Tidbits RUG 5 – Floral brown classic

christmas shopping_007



Home for the Holidays

Unloading the CarHaving lived away from my home for about 15 years I well remember how it felt to come home for the holidays.  I’ve heard that you can never go back home because everything changes, but I think that must mean moving back permanently because my trips home were always as comforting as anyone could wish for.

So much is involved in having memories . .people, music, aroma’s of food or a special perfume – even the smell of rain or snow.   Such a large part of my life when I was a child seems truly magical to me now –  our family Christmas times hold some of my most special memories.

I can’t say in all honestly that unloading the car and taking all the food, gifts and luggage into my Grandmother’s house was my favorite part.  Now that I’m grown I see how little I did but just have more fun than 10 barrels of monkeys!

LISP – Mesh – Mulberry Lodge with snow
xin. shiki husky (lets walk) (The Arcade 12/15)
CheerMaster Belair Christmas Wagon V1.0
Sway’s [Snow Friend] Upside down . A
Botanical – Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)
Decorative Light Set – Wrap Scattered .25x2m
RO  Remarkable Oblivion– Sleigh Bells – Presents RARE (The Arcade 12/15)
Apple Fall Monogram Luggage
unKindness StiKs Lights_Dark Wood
AF* Artisan Fantasy Snowden Peaks – Wreath White Flowers
[what next} Merry Welcome Mat
floorplan. owl post / white
dust bunny  rainboot cart
Dysfunctional Designs Trellis Lantern – Wall
+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter – Loose Coil
Jian :: Fox’s Fallen Tree (Freebie! from We Love RP 12/15)
frozen Animation gift 2 (Tres Chic 12/15)

christmas shopping_007