Christmas in the Air

Heart Homes WInter Chair_001 The Winter Chair from <Heart Homes> is at the current round of Tres Chic.  I moved them from in front of our fireplace to the table and they work well either way. Comfortable and stylish in a soft wintry grey  – they’re perfect.

Heart Homes WInter Chair_003

Included is the hot cocoa tray with 2 steaming mugs of chocolate (decor only).

<HEART HOMES> Winter Chair 1.0 Tres Chic 12/15
Hot cocoa decorative tray
Vagabond – Pearl’s Table
*AF* Snowden Peaks – Wreath White Flowers Sm
Paper Trees
Snowden Peaks – Gingerbread Garland
Sari-Sari – Gingerbread Cake Christmas on 34th Street
Trompe Loeil – Tree Candleholder The Arcade
JIAN :: Festive Potted Tree
Finishing Touches *FT* White Christmas Wrapped Packages
Pine Cone Basket w Slate Blue Bow
Snowflake Garden Hanging Quilt
Knick Knacks Iced Love gachas Snowflakes Shiny Shabby Begins 12/20
Tidbits RUG 5 – Floral brown classic

christmas shopping_007




Home for the Holidays

Unloading the CarHaving lived away from my home for about 15 years I well remember how it felt to come home for the holidays.  I’ve heard that you can never go back home because everything changes, but I think that must mean moving back permanently because my trips home were always as comforting as anyone could wish for.

So much is involved in having memories . .people, music, aroma’s of food or a special perfume – even the smell of rain or snow.   Such a large part of my life when I was a child seems truly magical to me now –  our family Christmas times hold some of my most special memories.

I can’t say in all honestly that unloading the car and taking all the food, gifts and luggage into my Grandmother’s house was my favorite part.  Now that I’m grown I see how little I did but just have more fun than 10 barrels of monkeys!

LISP – Mesh – Mulberry Lodge with snow
xin. shiki husky (lets walk) (The Arcade 12/15)
CheerMaster Belair Christmas Wagon V1.0
Sway’s [Snow Friend] Upside down . A
Botanical – Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)
Decorative Light Set – Wrap Scattered .25x2m
RO  Remarkable Oblivion– Sleigh Bells – Presents RARE (The Arcade 12/15)
Apple Fall Monogram Luggage
unKindness StiKs Lights_Dark Wood
AF* Artisan Fantasy Snowden Peaks – Wreath White Flowers
[what next} Merry Welcome Mat
floorplan. owl post / white
dust bunny  rainboot cart
Dysfunctional Designs Trellis Lantern – Wall
+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter – Loose Coil
Jian :: Fox’s Fallen Tree (Freebie! from We Love RP 12/15)
frozen Animation gift 2 (Tres Chic 12/15)

christmas shopping_007


Christmas 2015_024

<Heart Homes> Merry Christmas Tree (Family)

MushLu Princes Mirrow  wood
Trompe Loeil – JOY Light-Up Letters (The Arcade  12/15)
Ashdon Antler Wall Candle Left

Finishing Touches Angel Love Hanging Quilt & Deep Red Sculpted Poinsettia

Christmas on 34th Street
!! Follow US !! Holly wreath
New Christmas red sock V2
New Christmas santa red sock V1

Bee Designs  Gstaad cage
D-LAB+LIZAIL Santa GIFT (The Arcade 12/15)
xin. what’s in the box? (The Arcade Gift 12/15)

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“That Croquembouche is mine!” ….Ayla Zhoy, December 2015

Christmas 2015 2_001

Scarlet Creative Rustic Lace Table

<Heart Homes> Optional Runner E (from the Christmas Table)
Grandmas Christmas frame winter birds 1
Grandmas Christmas frame winter birds 2

Aphrodite Shop desserts from the Christmas Buffet
glazed fruits cake- Holidays cake
Christmas cookies platter

Trompe Loeil Mistletoe Jar (Dec 2015 Advent Calendar, The Arcade)
Cutout Christmas Tree (Dec 2015 Advent Calendar, The Arcade)

Finishing Touches
Decorative Plate ~ Snow Couple
Decorative Plate ~ Snowman
Winterberry Wreath ~ Let it Snow Snowman
Ceramic Milk Jug with Fire Berries

Downton Wooden Chair by Dench Designs POE8

O.M.E.N – French Bulldog (Dec 2015 The Arcade)

Dysfunctional Designs
Holiday Giftbox – Gift – Tall Cylinder
Holiday Giftbox – Gift – Rectangle

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Still Believing in Santa

aphrodite santa_003

Aphrodite Merry Christmas Santa Claus – With Cocoa Giver

*FT* Finishing Touches Burnt Red Burlap Pouch Planter ~ Pine Cones

Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall with Door (Wayward Market group grift)

Mesh Plants Hedges – Season Change

Izzie’s – Snow Covered Little Snowman green

JIAN :: A Very Kitten Christmas – Calico Kitten
A Very Kitten Christmas – Tuxedo Kitten

+Half Deer+ Bee.Bu – Bubby Bear Mound

[CIRCA] – “WinterWoods” Decor Tree Light – Large

christmas shopping_007

Christmas Eve Supper

Aphrodite Christmas Buffet 2015_027The Christmas Buffet Table by Aphrodite Shop is an elegant set for an outdoor Christmas Eve buffet.  The drinks dispenser (pitcher) has over 20 options for drinks – from juice and soda to wines and cocktails.  Have a turkey sandwich or canape’, some cheese and crackers or treat yourself to a glass of dessert wine and a slice of frosted cake – the appetite after a hard winter’s day spent skiing or sledding will be well met with the goodies from this buffet.

Aphrodite Shop
Christmas Buffet Table
Winter Garden Porch Set v1.0 Couple Chair and Small Couple Sofa 1.0

Lark – FC Riverstone Fireplace

Trompe Loeil – Country Pavillion White

CHEZ MOI  Romantic Lift Seat

Bee Designs:.Snowman Gacha Snowman -Lantern
Christmas Lane

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Festive Wreath

[LJ] Lost Junction Huggy Deer – Sitting

Silence.  NOEL

Ariskea [Twinkling] Fir Pot Lighting Animate

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Traditional Christmas

Christmas 2015_003This Family Christmas Tree from <Heart Homes> is making our holiday’s so very festive and the Golden Holiday dining room set from Aphrodite Shop is perfect for our annual clan gathering.  Our family with children enjoy the family poses – with 59 animations and 19 props there are plenty of opportunities for some wonderful photos.

Golden Holiday dining is  suitable for any time you need a formal dining table.  The damask dressed chairs offer 13 quality poses and the table is set with china place settings, silverware and crystal glasses.  No food is included but this can either be purchased at the main Aprodite Shop or use the food provided in any of your other holiday dining sets from their store or on the marketplace

Traditional Christmas 2

<Heart Homes>
Vintage Dining Table and Merry Christmas Tree (FAMILY) 1.0c
Optional Runner D (from the Christmas Dining set)
Aphrodite Shop strawberry tree (Christmas Buffet Table)
meadowWorks Holiday Hound
.:Bee Designs:. Gstaad cage
xin. what’s in the box? (Arcade Gift)

christmas shopping_007

The Heart of the Home

Christmas 2015_012

<Heart Homes> “Vintage” Cooking Gas Oven (v1.2)
“Vintage” Kitchen Rug

[Brixley] vintage decor – sugar canister

Dysfunctional Designs Tree Branch Baubles and Turkey Leg Platter

poche Hot Drink of Winter drinkpot and coffee

Apple Fall Plantation Counter (Rustic)

Jian Hillside Orchard :: Cider Jugs (3)

PILOT – Wire Basket of Red Apples

8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Round Coffee Tin – Gold

22769 ~ [bauwerk] coffee mill

Kuro – Hanging stars (vertical)

christmas shopping_007