Pack up . . last free weekend before school starts!

Aphrodite family camping_007

The summer of ’16 is coming to a close but there is always time for one last family trip of the summer, one final weekend at the lake.

Aphrodite Shop has released this “Family Fun” Complete Camping Set for the August round of the Tres Chic Event.  There are animations for a family (with 2 children) or a couple’s version.  The tent and log sit blanket have texture change options.  The soups bubbling over the fire and the drinks cooler are food and drink giver’s – so gather round the fire and have a hearty meal after a day filled with swimming and fishing.  The kids will have fun looking for the sleeping frog 😀

Aphrodite family camping_009

Some of the sits offer props that will disappear once you change positions and the set is EXPERIENCES enabled.

Aphrodite family camping_008

Photos were taken at the  Puget Sound residential sim

Aphrodite family camping_009b


More time at the beach

Aphrodite Vintage Beach Towel_10

It will be the first of October before it begins to cool off around here.  Not so great for the Autumn lover in me but it’s great for my beach bum side.

Aphrodite Shop has this great Vintage Beach Towel Set at the On9 event which is open until August 28.  The pink roses pattern on the towel and umbrella add quite a different tone to your sunbathing than the usual bright colors.  There is a matching pink bag stuffed with everything you need from an extra pair of shades to water.  Available in PG and Adult versions.

There is still plenty of time to get some beach time in . . . don’t forget the sunblock!

Take me to Portugal, take me to Spain – The Doors, Spanish Caravan

Trompe Loiel Caravan 1

In love with this Tiena Caravan from Trompe Loeil.

To me, the style is very Gypsy with the colorful hanging lanterns and string lights, small porch at the entrance and windows on each side.  Perfect for parking for a few days or weeks and enjoying the forest or beach then drive on when the spirit moves you.

I’m parked at The Sound (by special permission of the owners) who have graciously allowed me to do temporary setups for my blogs.  We rent there now and are so happy to be a part of the community.  There is usable water, golf, an airport, Viet Nam Memorial, KOA Campground, Georgia Beach and much more.  Vacation and permanent home rentals when available.

Trompe Loeil – Tiena Caravan
Included in purchase are 3 color choices, Seaside (shown), Earthen and Sylvan

Vespertine Rosemary Garden Fence (white)KIDD


Heart Garden Centre
Wildflowers: Aubretia, Petunias, Queen Anne’s Lace, Campion
Ancient Stone Pathway
Forest Undergrowth: Clover, Elephant Ears, Hosta

JIAN Countryside Collies :: Wanderer Pup Sable

Sway’s [Alice] topiary . candy A

{what next} Brown Wellies Decor

{Petite Maison} Callie Tea & Macarons: Ivory
Lalique Book Stack

Ariskea [Mocorra] Bushy plant
New Location coming 8/16


Asian Beach Shower and Lotus Chillout @ On9

Aphrodite On9 shower_015

Our routine after we spend a day at the beach is to get home, shower, rest a bit then meet our friends for a late dinner.  With this outdoor Asian Beach Shower from Aphrodite Shop the shower would take much longer than the nap.  There are single and couple animations and this Asian design blends into any beach or lakeside setting.

Aphrodite On9 shower_020

The Lotus Chillout is the perfect place for that late night dinner.  There are plenty of poses and props for all your friends to relax and have fun.  I can just smell salt air and feel the breeze off the water.  A fire pit and comfy couches make for a comfortable setting.

Get the Asian Beach Shower AND  The Lotus Chillout at this month’s  On9… the theme is Southeast Asia and the dates are July 9 through July 28.

Aphrodite Shop @ On9



Sleep and the rebellious mind…..

Heart Homes Hot SpringThermal Bath 3

Few things relax a restless body more than a hot soak in the tub and this Hot Springs Mineral Bath is ideal to calm your body and spirit for a restful nights sleep.  The Bath and Rustic Stone Bath Fireplace from <Heart Homes> is available at the current Tres Chic venue through May 10th.

Heart Homes Hot Spring Thermal Bath

You can choose between hot or cold thermal water and there are solo and couple poses – some offering props which can be added to your “experiences” option in Second Life.  (

I placed tealight and salt candles – also by <Heart Homes>– around the Bath and surrounded the entire area with Sunflower’s from Botanical, Hollyhocks and Forest Undergrowth from Heart Garden Centre.  and finished it off with a few sprigs of Draping Ivy from Dysfunctionality.



Life is too short to sleep on low thread count sheets. ~ Leah Stussy

Beach house 2016 bedroom_002

Nothing beats a comfortable bed surrounded by things you love.  Restful colors with the addition of a few pieces to add zing is my favorite way to style my bedroom.  I try to keep Zhoy in mind and not get too girlie but as long as we are together in the bed, he never complains!

The Rosalie bed from Sway’s – romantic (PG or Adult version) set was my choice for our juara beach house.  The bed frame comes in silver or gold (both included) and the bedding has 8 color options.  Everything is set to match – from the picture frame (gold or silver) to the same color changes available on the lamps.

SQ Oaxacan Cat on Stand

One of my favorite finds this recently is this great  Oaxacan Cat on Stand that I ran across at When Worlds Collide. So well done with rich, vibrant colors and it’s been a conversation piece at our place.  This store has a great mix of furniture and home goods from Africa and Mexico – with a good mix of other countries too.

Sway’s [Rosalie] Bed . romantic / silver (Adult)
 [Rosalie] Bedside table . romantic / silver
[Rosalie] Lamp . romantic
[Greta] potted topiary . tall/flower/bow
[Rosalie] Pot with cactus
[Rosalie] Picture frame . silver

GOOSE – Sea la vie bed end bench
juara beach house
(Part of the SEA la VIEW bedroom set gatcha)

Meche Cozy Cottage Rug 2
(part of the Cozy Cottage gatcha)
Note: All Meche items are meshed by Bad Seed and textured by Turducken. Meche is available at both stores.

{what next} Little Haven Portable TV (pink)

dust bunny . summer picnic . ukulele floral
(part of the Summer Picnic gatcha)

[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – Boxes
 Be My Valentine – Sign

[Fetch] April Showers Curtain – Light Blue 

Soy. Enamel Ware Cup [Flower]

Where Worlds Colide SQ Oaxacan Cat on Stand

I say rhododendron, you say azalea….

Rhodendron Blog_007

My spring would not be complete without the beautiful rhododendron’s and azaleas. All azaleas are rhododendron’s but not all rhododendron’s are azaleas.  You can read further about the differences – but the most important aspect of these amazing shrubs or small trees is the beautiful cluster of flowers.

Rhodendron Blog_011

I was delighted to find these rhododendrons at Cube Republic and I’m in the process of placing banks of these lovely shrubs all around our home and parcel.  For an eye catching display of color and design tuck clusters of these elegant plants next to rocks or around your home and trees.  They can be resized (which changes the prim impact) and unlinked to removed the blooms if you want to use the pretty greenery for a ground cover.

Rhodendron Blog_004

I chose the pink and purple for my landscaping but there is an orange included in the purchase.  Anywhere you need a bright spot or you have an area in need of a colorful focus or backdrop, these rhododendrons are ideal.

Cube Republic (CR) Rhododendron

GOOSE – Juara beach house

Di’Cor Pollen Hanging Lamp [White]

Sway’s [Alice] topiary . candy D
[Ines] Canopy Sofa

Mesh Plants Hanging Bougainvillea in Pot

TB Maison GACHA Garden Stool 1 Turquoise
Wooden Candlesticks, White Trio

Kaerri Greenman Fountain





Galland Homes “Cloverleaf”

Galland Cloverleaf Final

On display at the Home and Garden Expo is Galland Homes new release – the Cloverleaf. This single family, open concept home successfully blends the best elements from traditional American and European styles.  With hardwood floors throughout and attention to detail in such features as crown moldings, baseboards, shadowing and recessed ceilings for lighting, this home has a very chic feel.

Galland Cloverleaf Dining Final

The dining area has French doors and a bank of windows so you can enjoy the outdoors while visiting with your guests over dessert and coffee.  On either side of the windows are niche’s for showing off your treasures.  The area is large enough for a family sized dining suite but is equally charming for a smaller, intimate setting.

Galland Cloverleaf Kitchen Final

Included in the Cloverleaf is an antique white kitchen complete with stove, refrigerator and 2 sinks with running water.  The island/bar and kitchen have a combined total of 35 animations and 21 poses (pg couple poses) with props included for your RP.

Galland Cloverleaf Entryway

There is a generous entryway…….

Galland Cloverleaf Bedroom Final2

……… and an equally generous bedroom.

Galland Cloverleaf back view Final

The back patio is perfect for sunning or grilling and is roomy enough for an outdoor table and chairs.


143 LI – with kitchen

       112 LI – without kitchen

The kitchen will rezz in place with the house. It is not linked for easy removal.

25m wide X 31m deep (2048 sq.m. lots or larger)

The walls are easily recolored without losing the shadowing.  If you add wallpaper there are shadow maps included.

 Note:  Furniture and landscaping not included with the purchase of the Cloverleaf.

P.S.   A red front door traditionally stands for hospitality, which goes hand-in-hand with entertaining!

Footloose Gypsy

Aphrodite Gypsy Tent Tres Chic 2This Gypsy Tent from Aphrodite Shop will speak to the wanderlust in everyone.  Beautiful artwork on silk scarves playfully tied together, a soft rug for seating and some plush pillows makes this a magical place to retreat from the world for a while.  I love the tiny lights strung along the front and inside.

Aphrodite Lanterns Tres Chic

Hang these lanterns in the trees or place them on the ground outside and enjoy the atmosphere.  These glass jars are in rich jewel colors and are filled with coins for luck, hanging ivy, jasmine, pebble stones and candles.

There are single/couple poses which include snuggle and eating.  The picnic basket and guitar can be placed where you want when the tent it rezzed and the lights on the tent can be turned off – though I don’t know why anyone would want to do that

This Gypsy Tent is at the current round of Tres Chic.

Landscaping items are from Dysfunctional, Organica, Reid Parkin’s Mesh Plants, Heart Garden Centre, Little Branch and Fanatic.