Mobile Sushi Monster

Heart Homes Sushi Truck_021

Head over to the latest round of Creator’s Collection Box (August 20 – September 20) and check out the Sushi Monster from Heart Homes.

Heart Homes Sushi Truck_007

There is a place for the Sushi Chef to chop, dice, slice and cook.  Animations with props for prep and cooking with all of it done in sequences – great time to use your EXPERIENCES. 

Heart Homes Sushi Truck_002

You can feed unlimited guests . . just rezz as many tables as you need.

Heart Homes Sushi Truck_004

Photo’s shot at the airport on Puget Sound  – a Residential and Vacation Rental Sim with usable water,  and tons of fun things to do and places to go.

Heart Homes Sushi Truck_015


Japanese Sushi Boat

aPHrodite sushi boat_015

This small wooden replica of a Japanese fishing boat is filled with  a variety of authentic sushi  – sea urchin, crab, tuna, salmon – such a fun way to get your sushi fix.

Marina Ramer of Aphrodite Shop teamed with LDG’s Rekka Whiteberry  to design this impressive creation –  enjoy with your friends on a summer evening.

Aogridute Japanese sushi_002

Special Japanese Sushi Boat from Aphrodite Shop on the Marketplace

Aphrodite Shop inworld

LDG Marketplace                 LDG inworld


Aogridute Japanese sushi_001

Blooming Spring Wedding


Spring and summer seem to be the favored times for getting married.  Weather hopefully cooperating – outdoor weddings are the perfect way to share your love and commitment with family and friends.

Aphrodite Shop has released this Blooming Spring Wedding set complete with animated poses for 3 people (Bride and Groom, Minister) which carry you from the walk along a rose petal strewn path (the  walk is an included gift) to the exchange of rings – and more.  There are 17 animations at the altar to make your wedding perfect.

Aphrodite Spring Wedding_002

There is a lighting system built into the curtains which allows you to switch off/on all, or some of the lights.

There are plenty of chairs for your guests – 18 in all – with some fun animations for children who lose their interest in the ceremony before the initial walk down the aisle is done!

Aphrodite Spring Wedding_004

The climbing and potted roses at the altar and in the candelabra are beautiful. Creamy white roses have a center of deep blush pink with a touch of creamy yellow and are surrounded by delicate, lush greenery.

Happy Wedding


Aphrodite Shop Blooming Spring Wedding

Aphrodite Shop Marketplace Item

Botanical Corner

Aphrodite Botanical Corner

Aphrodite Shop has released this charming Botanical Corner at On9‘s first anniversary round which will be open through April 28th.  

If you haven’t napped under a tin roof while it’s raining – now’s your chance.  Glass pane windows at the front and sides give a  greenhouse feel and the terrariums and potted plants inside make for that loamy, damp soil aroma that is one of the best things about being a garden hound!

Aphrodite Botanical Corner 2

Candles (I’m imagining vanilla and daffodil) are burning and there is a comfy, overstuffed chair with an ottoman where you can curl up and read or have a cup of tea. In my world that’s better than comfort food.

The interior includes all you see in the photo’s.  Exterior landscaping shows pink camellia and white hydrangea from Reid Parkin’s Mesh Plants, trees and ground cover from Hayabusa, an alligator apple bush and hostas from Studio Skye, Cobblestones from Stormwood, daisies and buttercups available at Heart Garden Centre, purple lilies from Serious Business and pink flowers from [we’re CLOSED].


Long week … rewarded

Weekend Reward

At the end of a long, hard  week there is a definite joy to unwinding surrounded by flowers, the evening sounds of the garden and some of your favorite people.

Weekend Reward 2

Vespertine’s Rosemary garden gateway has that secret garden feel that is the perfect entryway for outdoor dining.

Weekend Reward 3

The Forest Dining Set from Bazar fits nicely into this smallish garden area and the curtained pavilion adds to the aura of intimacy.   Seat everyone and enjoy a selection of wines and a 5 course meal.

Weekend Reward 5

Have an enchanted weekend.

Weekend Reward 4

{vespertine} – Rosemary garden gateway  / oxidized copper
collabor88  (March round)

Bazar Forest Dining
Dining Table
Dining Chair
Menu Card
Place Setting’s A& B
Candle A & B
Wine Bottles
Flower Pot

Mesh Plants (Reid Parkin)
Hedge Season Change
Camellia Bush – White
Climbing Rose White
Hydrangea Bush – White – Tall 2
White Daisies on Rocks

Stormwood ~ Cobblestone Floor

meadowWorks Anenome ground cover

Heart Garden Centre Tulips
Mesh Boulder 1

[DDD] Rose Bush – Baseless
Deplanted Fern Clumps

Skye Temperate Shrubs
Hosta Leaf 3
Buckeye Large

Kazimir Patio Fountain

Botanical – Touch 2 Change Sword Fern

=EliBaily= Ivy

Sway’s [Hana] Tulips in wooden Bucket
@ Liaison Collaborative (March Round)

 weekend reward 10_002

I need to move away . .find a new job on a beach – with RUM!

Beach 2016 1

My ultimate stress reliever is sand and sun . .mix in the sound of waves breaking on the beach and I’m cured of so many things.  Walks clear my head while softening my feet.  The breezes off the water keep me cooled even on the hottest days. Swimming in salt water is good for your skin.

So .. what’s NOT to love?  Even when the sand creeps into those unusual places and the seagulls fly off – or worse, crap on your hot dog . . it’s worth it.

Beach 2016 2

Top photo

!! Follow US !! Retro Love PickUp (adult) vanilla COPY
@ Tres Chic 2/16

{BE} Ice Cream cart
@ Shiny Shabby 2/16

Soy. Crate w/ Glass Fishing Floats
Glass Fishing Float (blue)

Off-sim Marker Buoy by – e-brink

Jenuwin Designs Boardwalk post
(Part of the Boardwalk set)

Tomato Park pelican_std_v0.1

Virtual Nature Dead BEACH TREES

ArchiTech Designs Random Swamp Grass

Bottom Photo:

{what next} Little Haven Caravan (coastal)
Island Beach Parasol (yellow)
Island Beach Towel
Riviera Beach Parasol (blue)

Trompe Loeil – Pallet Chair White With Pillow (texture chane)

GOOSE – pallet fence & single sit pallet

[ zerkalo ] Country Living – Old Bucket

!Ohmai: Pacific Gulls (standing and soaring)

Sway’s [Shell] beach shells

Botanical – T2C Campfire and stacked woodpile

Aphrodite Shop American beer on ice bucket (drink giver)

[DDD] Firepit Sausage Grill

 Pelican for blog