Byrd Island

Byrd Island_002

The moment you are standing alone on the dock, and look up, the mystery begins.

Byrd Island Lick Sims_007

Byrd Island is shrouded in mist and you hear nothing but the cry of gulls and a relentless, pounding surf.  At the top, the searching beam of the lighthouse strains to penetrate the thick fog and warn sailors off the rocks below.

Byrd Island Lick Sims_012

Sera Bellick – owner and mastermind  of Lick Sims – treats us to the mystery of “what has happened to the residents of Byrd Island? “

Byrd Island_005

Ride the lift (or climb the ladder) to the observation deck, then on to the top.  Homes are empty, a table is set for absent diners, toys left out by children who no longer play. 

Byrd Island Lick Sims_008

Flocks of birds endlessly circle overhead as you wander about.  A sad, lonely place with its own particular beauty.

Byrd Island_008

What has happened here?

Use REGION WINDLIGHTS to get the intended effects!

Ferry to Byrd Island



Which will it be?

Heaven…….or HELL?

Which will you choose to visit first?

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_018           Lick sims Heaven or Hell_019


I posted this blog late last night and forgot to put the photos in.  Worked out fine because when I realized (today) what I had done  the words just didn’t convey the magi – really – only a visit to Lick Sim Desing’s newest offering will do it justice 😀

Here are a few pics to give you an idea of how magical this place truly is and what a unique imagination rolls around in the head of Sera Bellic.

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_004

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_007

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_015

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_017

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_013