Byrd Island

Byrd Island_002

The moment you are standing alone on the dock, and look up, the mystery begins.

Byrd Island Lick Sims_007

Byrd Island is shrouded in mist and you hear nothing but the cry of gulls and a relentless, pounding surf.  At the top, the searching beam of the lighthouse strains to penetrate the thick fog and warn sailors off the rocks below.

Byrd Island Lick Sims_012

Sera Bellick – owner and mastermind  of Lick Sims – treats us to the mystery of “what has happened to the residents of Byrd Island? “

Byrd Island_005

Ride the lift (or climb the ladder) to the observation deck, then on to the top.  Homes are empty, a table is set for absent diners, toys left out by children who no longer play. 

Byrd Island Lick Sims_008

Flocks of birds endlessly circle overhead as you wander about.  A sad, lonely place with its own particular beauty.

Byrd Island_008

What has happened here?

Use REGION WINDLIGHTS to get the intended effects!

Ferry to Byrd Island



More time at the beach

Aphrodite Vintage Beach Towel_10

It will be the first of October before it begins to cool off around here.  Not so great for the Autumn lover in me but it’s great for my beach bum side.

Aphrodite Shop has this great Vintage Beach Towel Set at the On9 event which is open until August 28.  The pink roses pattern on the towel and umbrella add quite a different tone to your sunbathing than the usual bright colors.  There is a matching pink bag stuffed with everything you need from an extra pair of shades to water.  Available in PG and Adult versions.

There is still plenty of time to get some beach time in . . . don’t forget the sunblock!

Take me to Portugal, take me to Spain – The Doors, Spanish Caravan

Trompe Loiel Caravan 1

In love with this Tiena Caravan from Trompe Loeil.

To me, the style is very Gypsy with the colorful hanging lanterns and string lights, small porch at the entrance and windows on each side.  Perfect for parking for a few days or weeks and enjoying the forest or beach then drive on when the spirit moves you.

I’m parked at The Sound (by special permission of the owners) who have graciously allowed me to do temporary setups for my blogs.  We rent there now and are so happy to be a part of the community.  There is usable water, golf, an airport, Viet Nam Memorial, KOA Campground, Georgia Beach and much more.  Vacation and permanent home rentals when available.

Trompe Loeil – Tiena Caravan
Included in purchase are 3 color choices, Seaside (shown), Earthen and Sylvan

Vespertine Rosemary Garden Fence (white)KIDD


Heart Garden Centre
Wildflowers: Aubretia, Petunias, Queen Anne’s Lace, Campion
Ancient Stone Pathway
Forest Undergrowth: Clover, Elephant Ears, Hosta

JIAN Countryside Collies :: Wanderer Pup Sable

Sway’s [Alice] topiary . candy A

{what next} Brown Wellies Decor

{Petite Maison} Callie Tea & Macarons: Ivory
Lalique Book Stack

Ariskea [Mocorra] Bushy plant
New Location coming 8/16


Asian Beach Shower and Lotus Chillout @ On9

Aphrodite On9 shower_015

Our routine after we spend a day at the beach is to get home, shower, rest a bit then meet our friends for a late dinner.  With this outdoor Asian Beach Shower from Aphrodite Shop the shower would take much longer than the nap.  There are single and couple animations and this Asian design blends into any beach or lakeside setting.

Aphrodite On9 shower_020

The Lotus Chillout is the perfect place for that late night dinner.  There are plenty of poses and props for all your friends to relax and have fun.  I can just smell salt air and feel the breeze off the water.  A fire pit and comfy couches make for a comfortable setting.

Get the Asian Beach Shower AND  The Lotus Chillout at this month’s  On9… the theme is Southeast Asia and the dates are July 9 through July 28.

Aphrodite Shop @ On9



Blooming Spring Wedding


Spring and summer seem to be the favored times for getting married.  Weather hopefully cooperating – outdoor weddings are the perfect way to share your love and commitment with family and friends.

Aphrodite Shop has released this Blooming Spring Wedding set complete with animated poses for 3 people (Bride and Groom, Minister) which carry you from the walk along a rose petal strewn path (the  walk is an included gift) to the exchange of rings – and more.  There are 17 animations at the altar to make your wedding perfect.

Aphrodite Spring Wedding_002

There is a lighting system built into the curtains which allows you to switch off/on all, or some of the lights.

There are plenty of chairs for your guests – 18 in all – with some fun animations for children who lose their interest in the ceremony before the initial walk down the aisle is done!

Aphrodite Spring Wedding_004

The climbing and potted roses at the altar and in the candelabra are beautiful. Creamy white roses have a center of deep blush pink with a touch of creamy yellow and are surrounded by delicate, lush greenery.

Happy Wedding


Aphrodite Shop Blooming Spring Wedding

Aphrodite Shop Marketplace Item

Which will it be?

Heaven…….or HELL?

Which will you choose to visit first?

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_018           Lick sims Heaven or Hell_019


I posted this blog late last night and forgot to put the photos in.  Worked out fine because when I realized (today) what I had done  the words just didn’t convey the magi – really – only a visit to Lick Sim Desing’s newest offering will do it justice 😀

Here are a few pics to give you an idea of how magical this place truly is and what a unique imagination rolls around in the head of Sera Bellic.

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_004

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_007

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_015

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_017

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_013

Sleep and the rebellious mind…..

Heart Homes Hot SpringThermal Bath 3

Few things relax a restless body more than a hot soak in the tub and this Hot Springs Mineral Bath is ideal to calm your body and spirit for a restful nights sleep.  The Bath and Rustic Stone Bath Fireplace from <Heart Homes> is available at the current Tres Chic venue through May 10th.

Heart Homes Hot Spring Thermal Bath

You can choose between hot or cold thermal water and there are solo and couple poses – some offering props which can be added to your “experiences” option in Second Life.  (

I placed tealight and salt candles – also by <Heart Homes>– around the Bath and surrounded the entire area with Sunflower’s from Botanical, Hollyhocks and Forest Undergrowth from Heart Garden Centre.  and finished it off with a few sprigs of Draping Ivy from Dysfunctionality.



Botanical Corner

Aphrodite Botanical Corner

Aphrodite Shop has released this charming Botanical Corner at On9‘s first anniversary round which will be open through April 28th.  

If you haven’t napped under a tin roof while it’s raining – now’s your chance.  Glass pane windows at the front and sides give a  greenhouse feel and the terrariums and potted plants inside make for that loamy, damp soil aroma that is one of the best things about being a garden hound!

Aphrodite Botanical Corner 2

Candles (I’m imagining vanilla and daffodil) are burning and there is a comfy, overstuffed chair with an ottoman where you can curl up and read or have a cup of tea. In my world that’s better than comfort food.

The interior includes all you see in the photo’s.  Exterior landscaping shows pink camellia and white hydrangea from Reid Parkin’s Mesh Plants, trees and ground cover from Hayabusa, an alligator apple bush and hostas from Studio Skye, Cobblestones from Stormwood, daisies and buttercups available at Heart Garden Centre, purple lilies from Serious Business and pink flowers from [we’re CLOSED].


Is there anything better than trees that grow chocolate eggs??

Easter Trees Aphrodite_Good

The color’s of spring and the Easter season are in these beautiful trees from Aphrodite Shop.   I surrounded our pond with every color in the box. . purples, blues, fantasy, orange, pinks . . mix with tulips or your favorite spring flowers and the effect and feel is magical.

They are loaded with chocolate eggs that drop randomly – gather them and eat them up!

I think these are a great setting for a children’s Easter Egg  Hunt or an Easter buffet surrounded by all this beautiful color.  Perhaps a wedding?

Check out all the great Easter themed items at the Aphrodite Easter Market.

Aphrodite Shop The Easter Eggs Tree Spring version

Heart Garden Centre– Tulips Large Patches

Hayabusa Design Wind Field of Grass and Flowers M1 v1-1a t15 s

Studio-Skye Temperate Shrubs – Fern Type 2

Thistle Let’s Party Dock

meadowWorks Swan Bench  w/Pillows M/T RARE

Tomato Park Swan

Long week … rewarded

Weekend Reward

At the end of a long, hard  week there is a definite joy to unwinding surrounded by flowers, the evening sounds of the garden and some of your favorite people.

Weekend Reward 2

Vespertine’s Rosemary garden gateway has that secret garden feel that is the perfect entryway for outdoor dining.

Weekend Reward 3

The Forest Dining Set from Bazar fits nicely into this smallish garden area and the curtained pavilion adds to the aura of intimacy.   Seat everyone and enjoy a selection of wines and a 5 course meal.

Weekend Reward 5

Have an enchanted weekend.

Weekend Reward 4

{vespertine} – Rosemary garden gateway  / oxidized copper
collabor88  (March round)

Bazar Forest Dining
Dining Table
Dining Chair
Menu Card
Place Setting’s A& B
Candle A & B
Wine Bottles
Flower Pot

Mesh Plants (Reid Parkin)
Hedge Season Change
Camellia Bush – White
Climbing Rose White
Hydrangea Bush – White – Tall 2
White Daisies on Rocks

Stormwood ~ Cobblestone Floor

meadowWorks Anenome ground cover

Heart Garden Centre Tulips
Mesh Boulder 1

[DDD] Rose Bush – Baseless
Deplanted Fern Clumps

Skye Temperate Shrubs
Hosta Leaf 3
Buckeye Large

Kazimir Patio Fountain

Botanical – Touch 2 Change Sword Fern

=EliBaily= Ivy

Sway’s [Hana] Tulips in wooden Bucket
@ Liaison Collaborative (March Round)

 weekend reward 10_002