Around – and Growing ON – the House

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.

                                          — Claude Monet

 This field of flowers at Serious Business was close to what I think Claude Monet must have seen when he was inspired to paint.  The first time I stumbled across this place I was amazed at the colors, contrast and realistic shape of these flowers.  The more you group them together the better they look . . .layer upon layer of magic.  Most are 1 prim, all are copy and the majority of them are mod.


The earth laughs in flowers ……..  Ralph Waldo Emerson

When a creeping wall vine is this gorgeous, can you really complain that it’s taking over the house?  Dysfunctional Design has this great vine – and with several natural shapes and color change options it will grow and look fantastic on the side of a house, wall, or window!  There are tons of role play items, plants, gardens (vegetable, fruit, etc.), trees and household goodies on the sim.  I purchased this for the $25L Tuesday’s and that is definitely a steal!  I put several shapes together and chose the rainbow option for the leaves…looks so real.  The prices here are quite reasonable and everything is very prim conscience. 


Dysfunctional Designs  Creeping Wall Vine, 1 prim.  Copy/mod with 4 different sizes and color change menu