Mobile Sushi Monster

Heart Homes Sushi Truck_021

Head over to the latest round of Creator’s Collection Box (August 20 – September 20) and check out the Sushi Monster from Heart Homes.

Heart Homes Sushi Truck_007

There is a place for the Sushi Chef to chop, dice, slice and cook.  Animations with props for prep and cooking with all of it done in sequences – great time to use your EXPERIENCES. 

Heart Homes Sushi Truck_002

You can feed unlimited guests . . just rezz as many tables as you need.

Heart Homes Sushi Truck_004

Photo’s shot at the airport on Puget Sound  – a Residential and Vacation Rental Sim with usable water,  and tons of fun things to do and places to go.

Heart Homes Sushi Truck_015


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