Byrd Island

Byrd Island_002

The moment you are standing alone on the dock, and look up, the mystery begins.

Byrd Island Lick Sims_007

Byrd Island is shrouded in mist and you hear nothing but the cry of gulls and a relentless, pounding surf.  At the top, the searching beam of the lighthouse strains to penetrate the thick fog and warn sailors off the rocks below.

Byrd Island Lick Sims_012

Sera Bellick – owner and mastermind  of Lick Sims – treats us to the mystery of “what has happened to the residents of Byrd Island? “

Byrd Island_005

Ride the lift (or climb the ladder) to the observation deck, then on to the top.  Homes are empty, a table is set for absent diners, toys left out by children who no longer play. 

Byrd Island Lick Sims_008

Flocks of birds endlessly circle overhead as you wander about.  A sad, lonely place with its own particular beauty.

Byrd Island_008

What has happened here?

Use REGION WINDLIGHTS to get the intended effects!

Ferry to Byrd Island



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