Asian Beach Shower and Lotus Chillout @ On9

Aphrodite On9 shower_015

Our routine after we spend a day at the beach is to get home, shower, rest a bit then meet our friends for a late dinner.  With this outdoor Asian Beach Shower from Aphrodite Shop the shower would take much longer than the nap.  There are single and couple animations and this Asian design blends into any beach or lakeside setting.

Aphrodite On9 shower_020

The Lotus Chillout is the perfect place for that late night dinner.  There are plenty of poses and props for all your friends to relax and have fun.  I can just smell salt air and feel the breeze off the water.  A fire pit and comfy couches make for a comfortable setting.

Get the Asian Beach Shower AND  The Lotus Chillout at this month’s  On9… the theme is Southeast Asia and the dates are July 9 through July 28.

Aphrodite Shop @ On9




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