Which will it be?

Heaven…….or HELL?

Which will you choose to visit first?

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_018           Lick sims Heaven or Hell_019


I posted this blog late last night and forgot to put the photos in.  Worked out fine because when I realized (today) what I had done  the words just didn’t convey the magi – really – only a visit to Lick Sim Desing’s newest offering will do it justice 😀

Here are a few pics to give you an idea of how magical this place truly is and what a unique imagination rolls around in the head of Sera Bellic.


Lick sims Heaven or Hell_004

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_007

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_015

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_017

Lick sims Heaven or Hell_013