Botanical Corner

Aphrodite Botanical Corner

Aphrodite Shop has released this charming Botanical Corner at On9‘s first anniversary round which will be open through April 28th.  

If you haven’t napped under a tin roof while it’s raining – now’s your chance.  Glass pane windows at the front and sides give a  greenhouse feel and the terrariums and potted plants inside make for that loamy, damp soil aroma that is one of the best things about being a garden hound!

Aphrodite Botanical Corner 2

Candles (I’m imagining vanilla and daffodil) are burning and there is a comfy, overstuffed chair with an ottoman where you can curl up and read or have a cup of tea. In my world that’s better than comfort food.

The interior includes all you see in the photo’s.  Exterior landscaping shows pink camellia and white hydrangea from Reid Parkin’s Mesh Plants, trees and ground cover from Hayabusa, an alligator apple bush and hostas from Studio Skye, Cobblestones from Stormwood, daisies and buttercups available at Heart Garden Centre, purple lilies from Serious Business and pink flowers from [we’re CLOSED].



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