I say rhododendron, you say azalea….

Rhodendron Blog_007

My spring would not be complete without the beautiful rhododendron’s and azaleas. All azaleas are rhododendron’s but not all rhododendron’s are azaleas.  You can read further about the differences – but the most important aspect of these amazing shrubs or small trees is the beautiful cluster of flowers.

Rhodendron Blog_011

I was delighted to find these rhododendrons at Cube Republic and I’m in the process of placing banks of these lovely shrubs all around our home and parcel.  For an eye catching display of color and design tuck clusters of these elegant plants next to rocks or around your home and trees.  They can be resized (which changes the prim impact) and unlinked to removed the blooms if you want to use the pretty greenery for a ground cover.

Rhodendron Blog_004

I chose the pink and purple for my landscaping but there is an orange included in the purchase.  Anywhere you need a bright spot or you have an area in need of a colorful focus or backdrop, these rhododendrons are ideal.

Cube Republic (CR) Rhododendron

GOOSE – Juara beach house

Di’Cor Pollen Hanging Lamp [White]

Sway’s [Alice] topiary . candy D
[Ines] Canopy Sofa

Mesh Plants Hanging Bougainvillea in Pot

TB Maison GACHA Garden Stool 1 Turquoise
Wooden Candlesticks, White Trio

Kaerri Greenman Fountain






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