“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques Cousteau

L2Studio Boathouse 4

My heart has left the winter cold and is now looking to spring and there is no better time to be on the Texas Gulf Coast than March through May.

I always wanted to have a boathouse with a shop and living quarters set up along the coast and now – in Second Life – I can fix it up just how I want!  I loved living on the Gulf and I miss it – but this takes a bit of the sting out.

L2Studio Boathouse 3

The L2 Studio Boathouse is exactly what you need to set up a small business on the Laguna Madre or along the Intracoastal Waterway.  Plenty of room for the fishermen to dock and fuel up with lots left for living quarters.  Would make a great waterside bar and restaurant, too.  There are NEVER enough bars and restaurants!  😀

L2Studio Boathouse 2Decor setup includes a freezer, sink and air conditioning

L2Studio Boathouse

Some favorite photos on the wall, boat oars, a chair or 2 scattered about for visitors

Peyote Cube Republic


L2 Studios   The Boathouse (mesh) 114 li —

Botanical   Prickly Pear Cactus – C/M 2

Cube Republic  Peyote Arrangement 1

KIDD Grass Landscape  LONG GRASS * Wild Sword * Scattered * CopyMod

Hayabusa Design   Pebble M6 v2-4 Separated

~Tam~    Wall Art – Metal – Circled Star

=Mirage=   Houseplant 01 Texture Change

Kalopsia    Metal Ladder (from French Rustic Decor set)

Starmark Creations   white awning light

Flag Factory Texas flag * Primo style


**JPK   Texaco Gas Pump

[Pu!se] Jet Ski Wake Attacker – v1.5

junk.   leather booth bench

[ free bird ]    Recycling Bin – Sunflowers

MAC’s Super Shack    NFV2:GasolineFilling Station (flashing)

Thistle    Pile Driving Sign
No Wake Zone Sign
Swim at Your Own Risk Sign
(part of the “Let’s Party” Dock set)

Dutchie    life buoy on hook

Bahia Tiki    Shark

[Fetch]    Summer Picnic Table w/ cloth (texture change)

XD    Daffodils in Zinc Tub Planter (mesh)

Tropical Creations   Seagull, Sculpted Rotating v1.12 Trans


POST:   Haarlem Deco Armchair
Marquette Sink (wide)
Wood Floor Grate (1.5M)

Trompe Loeil    Antique Crate Decor

{what next}    Little Haven Portable TV (light yellow)

The Mustard Seed   TMS  flowers/white petunias, silver vase 2

oyasumi    memories (b&w photo group)
cash register / grey

<HEART HOMES>   Fishermans Plugs Deco Frame

floorplan.    corner oars

Apple Fall Boat Oars
Fleur Sideboard (Mustard)

Urban Degenerates    OLD EXIT SIGN

Creative Mesh    Freezer 2 (update)

Headhunter’s Island    Shark Jaws Wall Deco MESH

Roawenwood    Crate of Fish

Bait ‘N Tackle Sign by Sage

Picture Frame (add your own)

junk.    industrial plant stand. dark.
cactus. ball
cactus. pilosus.
tin bucket light. medium.

Sway’s [Rosalie] Pot with cactus
(deco from the [Rosalie] Bedroom Set



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