Galland Homes “Cloverleaf”

Galland Cloverleaf Final

On display at the Home and Garden Expo is Galland Homes new release – the Cloverleaf. This single family, open concept home successfully blends the best elements from traditional American and European styles.  With hardwood floors throughout and attention to detail in such features as crown moldings, baseboards, shadowing and recessed ceilings for lighting, this home has a very chic feel.

Galland Cloverleaf Dining Final

The dining area has French doors and a bank of windows so you can enjoy the outdoors while visiting with your guests over dessert and coffee.  On either side of the windows are niche’s for showing off your treasures.  The area is large enough for a family sized dining suite but is equally charming for a smaller, intimate setting.

Galland Cloverleaf Kitchen Final

Included in the Cloverleaf is an antique white kitchen complete with stove, refrigerator and 2 sinks with running water.  The island/bar and kitchen have a combined total of 35 animations and 21 poses (pg couple poses) with props included for your RP.

Galland Cloverleaf Entryway

There is a generous entryway…….

Galland Cloverleaf Bedroom Final2

……… and an equally generous bedroom.

Galland Cloverleaf back view Final

The back patio is perfect for sunning or grilling and is roomy enough for an outdoor table and chairs.


143 LI – with kitchen

       112 LI – without kitchen

The kitchen will rezz in place with the house. It is not linked for easy removal.

25m wide X 31m deep (2048 sq.m. lots or larger)

The walls are easily recolored without losing the shadowing.  If you add wallpaper there are shadow maps included.

 Note:  Furniture and landscaping not included with the purchase of the Cloverleaf.

P.S.   A red front door traditionally stands for hospitality, which goes hand-in-hand with entertaining!