Christmas in the Air

Heart Homes WInter Chair_001 The Winter Chair from <Heart Homes> is at the current round of Tres Chic.  I moved them from in front of our fireplace to the table and they work well either way. Comfortable and stylish in a soft wintry grey  – they’re perfect.

Heart Homes WInter Chair_003

Included is the hot cocoa tray with 2 steaming mugs of chocolate (decor only).

<HEART HOMES> Winter Chair 1.0 Tres Chic 12/15
Hot cocoa decorative tray
Vagabond – Pearl’s Table
*AF* Snowden Peaks – Wreath White Flowers Sm
Paper Trees
Snowden Peaks – Gingerbread Garland
Sari-Sari – Gingerbread Cake Christmas on 34th Street
Trompe Loeil – Tree Candleholder The Arcade
JIAN :: Festive Potted Tree
Finishing Touches *FT* White Christmas Wrapped Packages
Pine Cone Basket w Slate Blue Bow
Snowflake Garden Hanging Quilt
Knick Knacks Iced Love gachas Snowflakes Shiny Shabby Begins 12/20
Tidbits RUG 5 – Floral brown classic

christmas shopping_007




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