Golden Autumn and Apple Trees

Golden Autumn _001

My favorite outdoor time in autumn is when the air has a bite but the sun still has a bit of warmth to head off the chill.  This is the perfect time for a gathering of your favorite people for some good food, wine and lots of “remember when’s?!?!?”

<Heart Homes> must have had these times in mind when they put together their “Golden Autumn” outdoor porch set.  Comfy seating with a couch and 2 chairs, a fire pit set inside a carved wooden table, the cheese tray is filled with delectable cheeses and grapes, savory garlic bread and an iron skillet grilling hot bread by the fire.

Golden Autumn 4

There are 173 animations for singles and couples (adult version also available) and 13 food and drink props – plenty of room for everyone and unending snacks.

Aphrodite Shop has Apple Trees with lights and and since it is apple season the branches are loaded with ripened, juicy red fruit.  The trunks wrapped in lights make for a festive look and are perfect for any party.   There are also lighted peach and lemon trees for those of you in a more tropical setting.

golden autumn _002

I was so excited over the special offer of the Autumn Curtain of light and leaves!  I have them in the main windows  of our home and they seemed a great backdrop for the party setting in the gazebo.

golden autumn 3

We put out the last of the early fall pumpkins and squash to finish off the festive autumn feel.  There will be late season pumpkins after the frost settles on them but they are not as colorful as these.   Aphrodite’s pumpkin packs (#1 and #2)

Heart Homes Golden Autumn outdoor set
…..on the Marketplace

Aphrodite Shop Apple tree with lights, wind & falling leaves
There is a menu driven leaf change option

Aphrodite Curtain of light and leaves – special offer for fall

Aphrodite Pumpkins
Pack #1  (marketplace)

Pack #2  (marketplace)

Sway’s [Birch} Gazebo (open version)

{ affaire } branch wall decor
Zigana grasses and weeds
Mesh Plants Fall hedges
Apple Fall mesh deer head


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