‘Thriller Night’ Party

Halloween Party Aphrodite Shop

This new edition of the Aphrodite Shop “Halloween Party” set has everything!  There are over 30 fun and spooky items in this party bundle – including an animated Witch Pinata, Halloween balloons, and a carved, lighted pumpkin .  There is so much food and drink to choose from you will have to roll guests out the door.

I borrowed one of the green swamps with it’s rising swamp gas (NOT a U.F.O))  from <Heart Homes> Green Claw Swamp Witch Hunt (here for that blog).  Putting it under the food tables just adds that extra Halloween touch!

Aphrodite Halloween Party_034

The Mummy

Mummy soda dispenser,  Jack-o-lantern salad, Mummy hotdogs, Mummy cookies, pumpkins pie cookies, banana ghosts

Aphrodite Halloween Party_024

The Witch

Green Witch finger cookies, The Tentacle Bottle of wine, The Tentacle cups, black bread hamburgers.

pinata 2

Aphrodite Shop

Aphrodite Shop on the Marketplace


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