Planning the Fallow Garden

Farrow Garden_006

We are going to hand over this part of our garden to the goats and sheep and let the land lie fallow for a year. They have their own special brand of fertilizing that works wonders on the soil!

The pumpkins are always our last planting and these are ready to be harvested.   This is the last crop from our garden until we start making ready again in February .  Now it’s time to burn stumps, rake leaves, chop dead stuff and settle in for the winter.

The Garden

Apple Fall
Farrow Garden Wall, Potting Shelf, Apiary Bee Hive (Tall)

[ keke ]
willow shrub, willow leaves for ground

Lakeisha Store L12
Mushroom Stump

Hanging Ivy

Architech Landscaping
Autumn Bonfire

mygarden set woodbox1

Garden Tree07 – orange b, Garden Vine02 – orange, colored fallen leaves
http://HappyMood (87, 92, 22)

Cooking Pumpkin (a gift from my Niece, JenJen)

crow sitting head turned left
http://District 8 (151, 84, 35)

Lil’ Garden Plot – Pumpkins, mushrooms (yellow), mushrooms (red & white), Mr Scarecrow, Detail Grass (oblong)

Scattered Acorns

HEART Garden Centre
Ancient Vine (Ancient Climbing Clematis)

simple bench /mintleaves, spring garden tools

Jian ::
Beaumont Garden Sink

‘A Weasels Story’ Curious – Seasons Story Autumn Gift 10/15

[ zerkalo ]
Country Living – Old Bucket

{ affaire }
dark wood stool (decor) LTD The Event Now through 10/26

Mesh Plants
Hedge Box – Med_Fall


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