Magic and Chaos

Bloody Mary, Halloween Wall Frames, Buggy Eyes Halloween jar

Eyeballs, a stack of old books,  iconic Halloween images for your walls  and a tome of legendary tales about Bloody Mary –  a few more things to show from Aphrodite Shop @ their Halloween Market.

I remember hearing stories about Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary…oh NO I will NOT say her name a third time and invoke her haunting spirit.  Open the book and read 3 stories (scrolled in local chat) about this urban legend. The endings will make you jump with fright!

Is there anything more gross and disgusting than a jar full of eyeballs with a big cockroach clambering around inside? Remove the jar lid and watch the roach crawl out into your room  – or not – I decided against doing this.  There are more jars at the Halloween Market or on the Marketplace – an enclosed beating heart, a brain, skeleton – just naming a few filled with absolute horrors inside.  The wall plates are done with  creepy images….a skull, bat and owl.  They can be hung together or placed around separately wherever you have an empty wall space.

Writer's Spirit books in flight

The Writer’s Spirit is a tall stack of old, dusty books . . but on closer inspection you can waken the spirit’s of dead writer’s and that can set the books flying about the room.  Perhaps getting hit in the head with a good book will wake up the writer in you!

The Writer's Spirit

Aphrodite Shop Halloween Market

Aphrodite Shop on the Marketplace

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Other items:

.aisling.  Not so old wood thing and pumpkins, gifts for everyone

[Park Place] Color Change Hanging Bag Planter with Fern

[noctis] Melithor Woods tree lamp/bare

=EliBaily=  Color changing IVY

Dysfunctionality Pumpkin Patch with texture change

HPMD Garden Vine 02







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