The Witches Corner

Witches Corner Aphrodite 1

Magic potions and spells are what this set is all about and the Witch within me has already cast a few of spells – early experimenting for Halloween and I never could keep my hands off a good spell book!

Consulting the Spell Book 1final

This enchanting set from <Heart Homes> for Aphrodite Shop has everything the modern Witch needs – love potions, voodoo, tarot cards, poison apples and more – all supervised by the old Witch who tried to knock off Snow White!  Her eyes follow you everywhere you go to make sure you don’t leave the house with her book of spells.

Aphrodite Witches Corner Spell Casting

Apothecary and funeral shelves, a working fireplace with menu controlled fire (I didn’t add that since the Green Claw Swamp Witch House already had one inside), rug, candles with on/off, a special Witch kitty on her cushion, and the table and spellbook with stand!  The table rezzes all the scenes and you can move easily from one spell to another.  Watch the video here to see all that is included – amazing and great fun.

Poison Potion 1final

A Second Life  copyrighted product by Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood




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