True Colors

True Colors

Beautiful autumn when the still warm sun mixes with the cooler air and brightens everything!

Trompe Loeil – Shotgun Shack Tulane

Kalapsia @Lost & Found
Grand Bi w/ Lights
Piece of Fence
“Fall is coming” Sign
Old Stool
Painted Jar – Orange
Fall Wreath
Pumpkin (Light)

Serenity Style Birdhouse Fence DECORATED for The Neighborhood 10/15

The Hive Leaning rake

GOOSE – pile of pumpkins and crates

:Bee Designs:  HFGacha-Pumpkins for sale Gotcha

junk. tin bucket light. short.
withering bucket
log chair.

Botanical Vintage Porch Mailbox (Orange)
T2C Aspen’s and Aspen undergrowth

Zigana mixed flower and mixed weeds

HPMD shrub *orange
Colored fallen leaves – b
Garden Vine02 orange/arrangeA


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