On Halloween, witches come true… ~Nicholas Gordon

Aphrodite Witch House 2

Aphrodite Shop has opened their Halloween Market and it is full of pumpkins, costumes, goblins, ghouls, treats, furniture, houses, party setups . . . I can’t even think of all to list!

One of my favorite things there is the Green Claw Swamp Witch Hut by Heart Homes for Aphrodite Shop.  It’s a perfect place for casting spells and scaring  little children when they come to trick or treat!  There is a pentagram puzzle that you must touch to open the door,  a menu controlled fire, texture changing bat’s chandelier and some spiderwebs filled with creepy animated spiders (touch for off/on).

Swamp and tree final

The Green Claw Swamp add-on is sold separately and it’s just the right finishing touch for the Hut.  There is a main swamp with the bridge, one with a spooky tree and the third is a smaller swamp with no extra decoration.  The  full moon shines brightly hanging back behind the Hut and trees.

I added the Halloween Magic Cauldron at the front.  It bubbles, boils and steams and there are over a dozen treats and gifts for your guests when they come to visit. Touch the cauldron and you can wind up with pumpkin candles, gravestones, a tree with hanging moss . . . just to name a few of the surprises in the cauldron.

Greeting Cauldron 2final

I had to have the Halloween Candle Holder “Witch”.   This dead witch hand holds a poisoned apple candle (touch for on/off) which gives off a spooky glow.  I’ll tell you later how to make the poisoned apples!

Witch Hand Candle Holder Aphrodite 1

All of this went inside a skybox setup by Kidd Grass Garden.  The skybox  Halloween Grassy Landscape Theme includes the surround, grasses, shrubs, trees, pumpkin emitters (bats, ghosts and spiders), ground sculpts, candles, rocks . . in all there are over 100 items.  You can get it at their in world store or on the marketplace.  It is an amazing box of goodies to have for Halloween decorations and landscaping.


Aphrodite Shop & Halloween Market

Aphrodite on the Marketplace

Heart Homes on the Marketplace

Kidd Grass Landscaping


Other landscaping items Heart Garden Centre, 3DTrees and New Trails (which has sadly closed down)








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