‘Thriller Night’ Party

Halloween Party Aphrodite Shop

This new edition of the Aphrodite Shop “Halloween Party” set has everything!  There are over 30 fun and spooky items in this party bundle – including an animated Witch Pinata, Halloween balloons, and a carved, lighted pumpkin .  There is so much food and drink to choose from you will have to roll guests out the door.

I borrowed one of the green swamps with it’s rising swamp gas (NOT a U.F.O))  from <Heart Homes> Green Claw Swamp Witch Hunt (here for that blog).  Putting it under the food tables just adds that extra Halloween touch!

Aphrodite Halloween Party_034

The Mummy

Mummy soda dispenser,  Jack-o-lantern salad, Mummy hotdogs, Mummy cookies, pumpkins pie cookies, banana ghosts

Aphrodite Halloween Party_024

The Witch

Green Witch finger cookies, The Tentacle Bottle of wine, The Tentacle cups, black bread hamburgers.

pinata 2

Aphrodite Shop

Aphrodite Shop on the Marketplace


Planning the Fallow Garden

Farrow Garden_006

We are going to hand over this part of our garden to the goats and sheep and let the land lie fallow for a year. They have their own special brand of fertilizing that works wonders on the soil!

The pumpkins are always our last planting and these are ready to be harvested.   This is the last crop from our garden until we start making ready again in February .  Now it’s time to burn stumps, rake leaves, chop dead stuff and settle in for the winter.

The Garden

Apple Fall
Farrow Garden Wall, Potting Shelf, Apiary Bee Hive (Tall)

[ keke ]
willow shrub, willow leaves for ground

Lakeisha Store L12
Mushroom Stump

Hanging Ivy

Architech Landscaping
Autumn Bonfire

mygarden set woodbox1

Garden Tree07 – orange b, Garden Vine02 – orange, colored fallen leaves
http://HappyMood (87, 92, 22)

Cooking Pumpkin (a gift from my Niece, JenJen)

crow sitting head turned left
http://District 8 (151, 84, 35)

Lil’ Garden Plot – Pumpkins, mushrooms (yellow), mushrooms (red & white), Mr Scarecrow, Detail Grass (oblong)

Scattered Acorns

HEART Garden Centre
Ancient Vine (Ancient Climbing Clematis)

simple bench /mintleaves, spring garden tools

Jian ::
Beaumont Garden Sink

‘A Weasels Story’ Curious – Seasons Story Autumn Gift 10/15

[ zerkalo ]
Country Living – Old Bucket

{ affaire }
dark wood stool (decor) LTD The Event Now through 10/26

Mesh Plants
Hedge Box – Med_Fall

Magic and Chaos

Bloody Mary, Halloween Wall Frames, Buggy Eyes Halloween jar

Eyeballs, a stack of old books,  iconic Halloween images for your walls  and a tome of legendary tales about Bloody Mary –  a few more things to show from Aphrodite Shop @ their Halloween Market.

I remember hearing stories about Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary…oh NO I will NOT say her name a third time and invoke her haunting spirit.  Open the book and read 3 stories (scrolled in local chat) about this urban legend. The endings will make you jump with fright!

Is there anything more gross and disgusting than a jar full of eyeballs with a big cockroach clambering around inside? Remove the jar lid and watch the roach crawl out into your room  – or not – I decided against doing this.  There are more jars at the Halloween Market or on the Marketplace – an enclosed beating heart, a brain, skeleton – just naming a few filled with absolute horrors inside.  The wall plates are done with  creepy images….a skull, bat and owl.  They can be hung together or placed around separately wherever you have an empty wall space.

Writer's Spirit books in flight

The Writer’s Spirit is a tall stack of old, dusty books . . but on closer inspection you can waken the spirit’s of dead writer’s and that can set the books flying about the room.  Perhaps getting hit in the head with a good book will wake up the writer in you!

The Writer's Spirit

Aphrodite Shop Halloween Market

Aphrodite Shop on the Marketplace

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Other items:

.aisling.  Not so old wood thing and pumpkins, gifts for everyone

[Park Place] Color Change Hanging Bag Planter with Fern

[noctis] Melithor Woods tree lamp/bare

=EliBaily=  Color changing IVY

Dysfunctionality Pumpkin Patch with texture change

HPMD Garden Vine 02






The Witching Hour

Aphrodite Living Room Halloween_022

The Witches Hour from <Heart Homes> for Aphrodite Shop is the perfect place for all Witches to relax.  Piles of spell books used for tables and the bases for seating, spell book pages woven into a rug – even the ceiling and table lamps are made with these magical books.  With 74 animations including some spell casting with props this low prim living room is ideal for the Halloween season.

Aphrodite Shop created the Halloween Deco Frame “Yummy Eyes” and Deco Frame “Walking Dead” which are on the back wall.  Get close to Yummy Eyes and that poor girl’s eyes fall out, then roll back up into her head.  The Walking Dead frame falls from it’s place on the wall and on the way down whacks you on the head, landing with the face of the picture against the wall.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth     Act 4, scene 1:  The witches enter….

Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d.

Thrice and once the hedge-pig whined.

Harpier cries “‘Tis time, ’tis time.”
Round about the cauldron go;
In the poison’d entrails throw.
Toad, that under cold stone
Days and nights has thirty-one
Swelter’d venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

This is only part of the ingredients for the witches brew….it is quite detailed.  Is it begun the very moment the Witching Hour begins?

Aphrodite Shop The Walking Dead Deco Frame

Aphrodite Shop Yummy Eyes Deco Frame

Artisan Fantasy *AF* Stony Hollow Hanging Pots 1

+Half-Deer+ Scattered Acorns and Black Glitter crow – Pecking

dust bunny & tenshi  hanging leaves




Beside the Lake

Renaissance Pavillion

Souzou Eien *S.E.* @ We ❤ RP
Little Renaissance Pavilion (Rect-Wood Stain)

Artisan Fantasy @ The Chapter Four 10/15
*AF* Asilah Low Chair – Adult
Asilah Low Table
Asilah Tea with Mint

{anc} flottante puppy. cream . jump
flottante puppy. cream . layB / withCollar

Stormwood @ The Fantasy Collection
The Broken Tree Animated Scene – Autumn
Stormwood on the Marketplace

[noctis] warthog gargoyle on plynth 1
watchful snake 4B

{vespertine} villa birdhouse/shorter -clementine
pumpkin harvest basket The Mix 10/15

Chaos, Panic & Disorder! :*:CPD:*: Tarot Cards

Apt B // Snuggle Up Bucket

Dysfunctionality Bowl of Mixed Fruit

Landscaping items from HPMD, KIDD Grass, Zigana, Studio-Skye and 3D Trees

The Witches Corner

Witches Corner Aphrodite 1

Magic potions and spells are what this set is all about and the Witch within me has already cast a few of spells – early experimenting for Halloween and I never could keep my hands off a good spell book!

Consulting the Spell Book 1final

This enchanting set from <Heart Homes> for Aphrodite Shop has everything the modern Witch needs – love potions, voodoo, tarot cards, poison apples and more – all supervised by the old Witch who tried to knock off Snow White!  Her eyes follow you everywhere you go to make sure you don’t leave the house with her book of spells.

Aphrodite Witches Corner Spell Casting

Apothecary and funeral shelves, a working fireplace with menu controlled fire (I didn’t add that since the Green Claw Swamp Witch House already had one inside), rug, candles with on/off, a special Witch kitty on her cushion, and the table and spellbook with stand!  The table rezzes all the scenes and you can move easily from one spell to another.  Watch the video here to see all that is included – amazing and great fun.

Poison Potion 1final

A Second Life  copyrighted product by Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood



True Colors

True Colors

Beautiful autumn when the still warm sun mixes with the cooler air and brightens everything!

Trompe Loeil – Shotgun Shack Tulane

Kalapsia @Lost & Found
Grand Bi w/ Lights
Piece of Fence
“Fall is coming” Sign
Old Stool
Painted Jar – Orange
Fall Wreath
Pumpkin (Light)

Serenity Style Birdhouse Fence DECORATED for The Neighborhood 10/15

The Hive Leaning rake

GOOSE – pile of pumpkins and crates

:Bee Designs:  HFGacha-Pumpkins for sale Gotcha

junk. tin bucket light. short.
withering bucket
log chair.

Botanical Vintage Porch Mailbox (Orange)
T2C Aspen’s and Aspen undergrowth

Zigana mixed flower and mixed weeds

HPMD shrub *orange
Colored fallen leaves – b
Garden Vine02 orange/arrangeA

On Halloween, witches come true… ~Nicholas Gordon

Aphrodite Witch House 2

Aphrodite Shop has opened their Halloween Market and it is full of pumpkins, costumes, goblins, ghouls, treats, furniture, houses, party setups . . . I can’t even think of all to list!

One of my favorite things there is the Green Claw Swamp Witch Hut by Heart Homes for Aphrodite Shop.  It’s a perfect place for casting spells and scaring  little children when they come to trick or treat!  There is a pentagram puzzle that you must touch to open the door,  a menu controlled fire, texture changing bat’s chandelier and some spiderwebs filled with creepy animated spiders (touch for off/on).

Swamp and tree final

The Green Claw Swamp add-on is sold separately and it’s just the right finishing touch for the Hut.  There is a main swamp with the bridge, one with a spooky tree and the third is a smaller swamp with no extra decoration.  The  full moon shines brightly hanging back behind the Hut and trees.

I added the Halloween Magic Cauldron at the front.  It bubbles, boils and steams and there are over a dozen treats and gifts for your guests when they come to visit. Touch the cauldron and you can wind up with pumpkin candles, gravestones, a tree with hanging moss . . . just to name a few of the surprises in the cauldron.

Greeting Cauldron 2final

I had to have the Halloween Candle Holder “Witch”.   This dead witch hand holds a poisoned apple candle (touch for on/off) which gives off a spooky glow.  I’ll tell you later how to make the poisoned apples!

Witch Hand Candle Holder Aphrodite 1

All of this went inside a skybox setup by Kidd Grass Garden.  The skybox  Halloween Grassy Landscape Theme includes the surround, grasses, shrubs, trees, pumpkin emitters (bats, ghosts and spiders), ground sculpts, candles, rocks . . in all there are over 100 items.  You can get it at their in world store or on the marketplace.  It is an amazing box of goodies to have for Halloween decorations and landscaping.


Aphrodite Shop & Halloween Market

Aphrodite on the Marketplace

Heart Homes on the Marketplace

Kidd Grass Landscaping


Other landscaping items Heart Garden Centre, 3DTrees and New Trails (which has sadly closed down)