Autumn Timewind

Time for the annual leafy Baptism of fall…the sound of leaves and twigs crunching underfoot, mornings cloaked in misty fog…everything blazing with color and brightened by a sun that is slowly losing it’s heat as it sinks lower in the sky.

Warm WP

Studio Skye has a new Twisted Tree out just in time for autumn.  Touch to change the foliage for each season.  The shape is gorgeous and I have 2 of them out already.

Backyard Timewind

Using Botanical’s Edged Brick Park Path for the patio at the front of our home was not a planned thing.  I couldn’t find what I wanted and it hit me what a good idea this might be.  With a little editing to stretch it a bit it was just what I had in my mind.  There is a controller for the brick color – and season’s – I chose the grey for the brick and edging, added the moss option and I love how it turned out.  It worked out so well I did the same over by the garden with Galland’s outdoor fireplace – then set them both up for fall.

Twisted Tree and Hollyhocks WP

I’ve put out some favorite things I have in my inventory along with some new items.  It’s a couple of weeks early for a lot of the fall landscaping to be out but it won’t be long.

Anxiously awaiting more pumpkins and fall goodies!

Top Photo

{what next} Winter Harvest Chairs
Winter Harvest Drinks Tray
Botanical Edged Brick Park Path with Controller (brick change and seasonal)
dust bunny & tenshi  pumpkin wagon
:CP: Jake’s Short Lantern
darkendStare deerling gacha [sylvan] ~gift from Morgan~

Middle Photo

Outdoor Fireplace Galland Homes
Autumn Branch Shelf, Little Log Pile A, Basket of Small Logs Dysfunctionality
Stone Artichoke (Lichen) Apple Fall
Mesh Pumpkin Set Construct
Bushes 01 Mesh *** Karabashkino ***  Green Market
Brambles Section 5 v3 Cube Republic
Hampton Iron Table & Chairs [what next]

Bottom Photo

Skye Twisted Tree ( no base)
Ancient Wall Cairn 4m+ Studio Skye
Hollyhocks Heart Garden Centre


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