Aesthetic Solitude

I have never thought of solitude as loneliness or isolation but a way to find privacy and peace.

Turtles WP

I grew up in a quiet household and years ago I made a decision to continue this way of living. I refuse to be embroiled in drama or have it forced on me by people who thrive on it.  Any drama dropped on my doorstep gets a permanently closed door –  with no regret – to the person who placed it there.

Lost and Forgotten WP2

There is enough to deal with considering what life throws your way. My oldest sister died a couple of weeks ago after struggling for 2 years with an illness that eventually took her life.
What she wanted in her last few weeks was to go to her place at the lake and enjoy the trees, a good fire outside, to hear the wind blowing softly through the trees – one more autumn – the beauty of nature.

The River Zhoy 2 WP

Aesthetic Solitude.

The River Zhoy WP

This experience in anyone’s life is real.  It is not drama – it is beauty and tragedy wrapped up with passion, rage and turmoil. It eclipses everything else in life except the life of the person who is struggling.
These photos mean solitude to me….the kind you get when you take time to breathe in the smell of leaves burning or hear the gentle flow of water in a stream.

These are for my sister Jan Rachel – with the prayer that she has found her solitude.

[Soul Mates] Red Eared Slider Turtle
King of the Rock Turtle
Botanical – Touch 2 Change Sword Fern

Skye Leaf Swirl Type 1 Studio Skye                                                                                  (Marketplace)

KIDD LONG GRASS * Wild Sword * Bush *

22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Lost and the Forgotten
@ The Fantasy Collective (88, 166, 22)

Additional landscaping items from Dysfuntionality,  The Forest,  Frogstar,  Heart Garden Centre,  HPMD,  [we’re closed],  Mesh Plants,  Virtual Nature


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