Castle Ruins

Castle Ruins 4I love ruins.    There are not many ruins where I live but there are abandoned farmhouses  or barns and the occasional old mill house or cotton gin no longer in operation.    I know anything left laying around is long since gone but I enjoy letting my imagination run with it and think of who lived in a place or the history or what it was like when it was shiny and new.

There are several ruins in my inventory but this Castle Ruins from Old World is one of my favorites.  It seemed the perfect place to set up a fire and spend a cozy night.

**Old World** Castle Ruins
Botanical  T2C Campire, stacked firewood, log seats
T2C Sword Fern (for flat surface)
Dysfunctional Camping Suspended Cauldron
Mushroom Patch – Sprinkle
Mushroom Patch – Clump
Studio-Skye Twisted Tree ( no base )
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal M – Static
Hayabusa Design BO D-7 tf-1


It’s the little things…..

…..that either drive you crazy or cause you joy!
I love finding all the detail items that make our SL house a home.  Wandering around at the shops and sims I am always in hopes I run across something new and different that I can use to add a personal touch.

Little Stinkers WP

Morgan gifed me with these raccoons from Mutresse and if I knew how to do a video I would – they are just too cute with their movements!  Living in an area where raccoons thrive – and not always in the wilderness – I know firsthand what little devils they can be.  I had a boyfriend in high school who brought his racccoon on all our dates!  This went well until he tried to climb up the back of my hair and got all tangled up.  Bandit the raccoon lasted longer than I did because that was our LAST date.

The lelia’s garden gates – rustic farms from *windsong are very well done and give more color to the corner of our house.  I added some brambles with the nanohana grass and nameless ivy in yellow from alirium.

Follow Me WP2

The New Pumpkin Garden Plots from Dysfunctionality looked great with my new Scarecrow – a VIP gift from What Next.  The new Sunflowers from Botanical added the last touch to the back of the Lost and Forgotten house from 22769[bauwerk].


Go have some fun finding your own special touches – they’re everywhere once you start looking 😀

Top Photo

Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Rolling
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Cheering
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Plotting
dust bunny & tenshi  pumpkin planter
dust bunny & tenshi   potted rowan berries
HEART Garden Centre – Ancient Vine – 2

Middle Photo

*windsong { leila’s garden gates : rustic farm }
CubeRepublic Brambles
*alirium* nanohana
nameless ivy -yellow- circle

Bottom Photo

Botanical Sunflower Set
Dysfunctionality New Pumpkin Garden Plot
{what next} Scarecrow – VIP Group Gift for September

Autumn Timewind

Time for the annual leafy Baptism of fall…the sound of leaves and twigs crunching underfoot, mornings cloaked in misty fog…everything blazing with color and brightened by a sun that is slowly losing it’s heat as it sinks lower in the sky.

Warm WP

Studio Skye has a new Twisted Tree out just in time for autumn.  Touch to change the foliage for each season.  The shape is gorgeous and I have 2 of them out already.

Backyard Timewind

Using Botanical’s Edged Brick Park Path for the patio at the front of our home was not a planned thing.  I couldn’t find what I wanted and it hit me what a good idea this might be.  With a little editing to stretch it a bit it was just what I had in my mind.  There is a controller for the brick color – and season’s – I chose the grey for the brick and edging, added the moss option and I love how it turned out.  It worked out so well I did the same over by the garden with Galland’s outdoor fireplace – then set them both up for fall.

Twisted Tree and Hollyhocks WP

I’ve put out some favorite things I have in my inventory along with some new items.  It’s a couple of weeks early for a lot of the fall landscaping to be out but it won’t be long.

Anxiously awaiting more pumpkins and fall goodies!

Top Photo

{what next} Winter Harvest Chairs
Winter Harvest Drinks Tray
Botanical Edged Brick Park Path with Controller (brick change and seasonal)
dust bunny & tenshi  pumpkin wagon
:CP: Jake’s Short Lantern
darkendStare deerling gacha [sylvan] ~gift from Morgan~

Middle Photo

Outdoor Fireplace Galland Homes
Autumn Branch Shelf, Little Log Pile A, Basket of Small Logs Dysfunctionality
Stone Artichoke (Lichen) Apple Fall
Mesh Pumpkin Set Construct
Bushes 01 Mesh *** Karabashkino ***  Green Market
Brambles Section 5 v3 Cube Republic
Hampton Iron Table & Chairs [what next]

Bottom Photo

Skye Twisted Tree ( no base)
Ancient Wall Cairn 4m+ Studio Skye
Hollyhocks Heart Garden Centre

Aesthetic Solitude

I have never thought of solitude as loneliness or isolation but a way to find privacy and peace.

Turtles WP

I grew up in a quiet household and years ago I made a decision to continue this way of living. I refuse to be embroiled in drama or have it forced on me by people who thrive on it.  Any drama dropped on my doorstep gets a permanently closed door –  with no regret – to the person who placed it there.

Lost and Forgotten WP2

There is enough to deal with considering what life throws your way. My oldest sister died a couple of weeks ago after struggling for 2 years with an illness that eventually took her life.
What she wanted in her last few weeks was to go to her place at the lake and enjoy the trees, a good fire outside, to hear the wind blowing softly through the trees – one more autumn – the beauty of nature.

The River Zhoy 2 WP

Aesthetic Solitude.

The River Zhoy WP

This experience in anyone’s life is real.  It is not drama – it is beauty and tragedy wrapped up with passion, rage and turmoil. It eclipses everything else in life except the life of the person who is struggling.
These photos mean solitude to me….the kind you get when you take time to breathe in the smell of leaves burning or hear the gentle flow of water in a stream.

These are for my sister Jan Rachel – with the prayer that she has found her solitude.

[Soul Mates] Red Eared Slider Turtle
King of the Rock Turtle
Botanical – Touch 2 Change Sword Fern

Skye Leaf Swirl Type 1 Studio Skye                                                                                  (Marketplace)

KIDD LONG GRASS * Wild Sword * Bush *

22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Lost and the Forgotten
@ The Fantasy Collective (88, 166, 22)

Additional landscaping items from Dysfuntionality,  The Forest,  Frogstar,  Heart Garden Centre,  HPMD,  [we’re closed],  Mesh Plants,  Virtual Nature