Footloose Gypsy

Aphrodite Gypsy Tent Tres Chic 2This Gypsy Tent from Aphrodite Shop will speak to the wanderlust in everyone.  Beautiful artwork on silk scarves playfully tied together, a soft rug for seating and some plush pillows makes this a magical place to retreat from the world for a while.  I love the tiny lights strung along the front and inside.

Aphrodite Lanterns Tres Chic

Hang these lanterns in the trees or place them on the ground outside and enjoy the atmosphere.  These glass jars are in rich jewel colors and are filled with coins for luck, hanging ivy, jasmine, pebble stones and candles.

There are single/couple poses which include snuggle and eating.  The picnic basket and guitar can be placed where you want when the tent it rezzed and the lights on the tent can be turned off – though I don’t know why anyone would want to do that

This Gypsy Tent is at the current round of Tres Chic.

Landscaping items are from Dysfunctional, Organica, Reid Parkin’s Mesh Plants, Heart Garden Centre, Little Branch and Fanatic.


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