“Nurture is like psychic Wheaties.” ― Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Jian Beaumont Pool PatioJian has this Beaumont Pool Patio and I put it on the backside of our home, across the water from the Villa.  There is a menu for 7 different textures and off/on water.  You get both the PG and Adult versions when you make your purchase.  It is very well done with steps and a platform for the tub….at $L350 you’ll be so happy with this buy.

To connect the Pool Patio and the main are of our sim I used a bridge from the CLIFF TERRACE set from Virtual Nature.  I got it at least 2 years ago on the marketplace and it’s still for sale.  I noticed you can now buy this bridge separately from the here if you don’t need the whole set.  It is equally well made and has a rope on one side for balance.

The Asbury Beach Bar, Vellum Candles and Taradha Lights are all Jian group gifts.  All 3 items have color change menus.

Jian - Asbury Beach Bar

Made a quick sweep through the Wayward Carnival and The Seasons Story I’m always looking for something new to fill up the corners and tables and I found some fun things in both places.

Keke’s Milk Jug Flowers are at The Seasons Story – I put out the blue but got the white too.  I love how detailed these are and they’re so summery.  Poche has their Vitamin color summer dessert jar and matching summer dessert glasses for sale there and after another mad dash through there – I headed over to the Wayward Event.

Jian and {Zerkalo

The {zerkalo} Chair Swing is one of the first things I saw when I wound my way to the right past the main entrance.  Sometimes you see something you just have to take home with you and that was mine!  I made a mad dash through but plan on going back when I have more time.  The center is filled with rides that I can’t wait to try and find out if I puke in SL too.

I also put out the {zerkalo} Summer Day Orange Juice V2 that is at the current FaMESHed, 2 gotcha pillows from LISP Bazaar and the Ice Tub & Stand from 3D Republic.

jian vellum Jian - Taradha Lights


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