Evening on the Laguna Madre

Let's Party Dock 3

We seem to spend more time shopping for fun things to fit our outdoor lifestyle in SL  than anything else. This time of year the stores and events are loaded with summer items and our place is full of special places where we can relax.

Party Time 1

Tubs and coolers of beer are out for our guests to enjoy.

Let's Party Dock

We got some new chairs and a cooler while we were out yesterday – the cool summer colors and the prints on the chairs are perfect!

Let's Party Dock Lips Chair

At the end of a day spent in and on the water there’s nothing like a cold beer while the fish grill. I can’t make myself get up and do anything . . it’s hot.  The breeze off the water helps and maybe after I eat I’ll make it out of the chair and into the house….maybe.  When we have a party – everyone stays put.  There is a bowl on the porch where all the car key’s get dumped and no one leaves unless there is a designated driver.  We set up tents and cots and hammocks for when they’re ready to sleep and the party doesn’t officially end until the next morning when everyone has had a good breakfast.

Thistle “Let’s Party” Dock Gray (cm) 9 LI
“Let’s Party” Dock Pennants Add-on Gray (cm) 10 LI
“Let’s Party” Mini Dock Gray (cm) 6 LI
“Let’s Party” Mini Dock Ladder (cm) 1 LI
No Wake Zone Sign (cm)

LISP – Mesh  Summer Punch Vintage Deck Chair’s 2 LI ea.

Token&Tribe- Backyard Cooler 8 LI
LTD The Event

Aphrodite American beer on ice bucket 3 LI

PILOT   Lantern [Candle] 1 LI

Bahia Tiki  Fishing Rod dispenser Basket 4 LI
Fish Grill 4 LI


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