“Wine is bottled poetry” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

La Bodega 4

La Bodega is the next set from Aphrodite Shop at the Multicultural Menu and I placed it in a corner of our balcony which is surrounded by orange blossoms.  This setting seemed perfect for the barrel chairs and table and a great spot to catch the breeze on a warm summer evening.  With wine and cheese involved, it couldn’t be more perfect.

La Bodega 2

The chairs are “copy” so you can put more than 2 and have a small party with your friends.  Under the cheese and wine board there is more wine so you won’t run out no matter how long your evening and your friends linger.

La Bodega Artwork

We didn’t put out the artwork, but I wanted you to see it – it’s so colorful!

“La Bodega” – Argentinian Wine Corner
Comfy Barrel Chair 4 PI
Barrel Table 4 PI
Cheeses Board 4 PI
Cowskin Rug 3 P:I
Picture frames 2 PI
ANIMATIONS: sit, eat and drink.
Drink animations include a “serve drink” and “somellier” option so you can serve wine
The cheese board has a nice variety of cheese or crackers & cheese

Props disappear when you change your sit

A menu allows for texture/access changes on the rug and you can add your own photo’s to the pictures in the set.

The Multicultural Menu
Aphrodite Shop






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