“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf

Tableside Grill 5

Aphrodite Shop gives us a taste of Argentina at the Multicultural Menu  which started June 1 and runs through June 21.  Their contribution is not only traditional foods and wines from their country but some really fun home furnishings that include such popular items as cowhide rugs, tableside grills and barrel chairs with a matching table that doubles as a cooler for your wines!

Tableside Grill 4

I put the Meso de Campo Con Asada – an Argentinian table set with mini BBQ – on the dock behind our house.  We always enjoy eating outside and this tableside BBQ grill (parrillo) is perfect. Sausages, steak, stuffed peppers – all sizzling next to you as you work on the dishes already set on the table.

Perfect dining for 2, inside or out.

Tableside BBQ Aphrodite

 Aregentinian “Mesa de Campo” (Table Set & Mini BBQ) (v1.0)
Table 2 PI
Dining chair 3 PI
Small table 2 PI
Mini BBQ 11 PI
Wood chopping block for BBQ 1 PI
The table is set with a meal, plated food is 7 LI per serving and the salad bowls, pasta bowl, flower vase with salt and pepper and the tabletop runner are all 1 PI.

ANIMATIONS: sit, eat, drink.
The mini BBQ grill has menu driven options to control the fire, sound, and on/off.

The Multicultural Menu
Aphrodite Shop



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