Go grab the oars!

Storage 1

Sometimes I find things while I’m out shopping that I didn’t know I’d had to do without! Here’s a few  – from the current Summerfest 2015 and Cosmopolitan Shopping Event…the chair from Trompe Loeil.  TL recently won 4 AVI Choice awards and they are celebrating with a 50% sale at the main store that runs through 6/24, today!

“JIM” – Soleil – Rae 1 LI
Summerfest 2015

floorplan. corner oars @Summerfest   4 PI
Summerfest 2015

PILOT – Fishing Poles @Summerfest   2 PI
Vintage Tackle Box (mint) 1 LI

Tool Shed EXT – Windchimes  @Cosmopolitan   2LI   Light Wood
stone texture change

!Ohmai: Herring Gull (Stance3 – Rez) @Summerfest   1 LI

Kolapsia Shed 1 Stencil Teal   LI 1

Trompe Loeil  Pallet Chair White With Pillow menu driven texture change   4 LI single/couple poses

Dysunctionality [DDD] Big Log Pile   1 PI


3 day weekend coming up! Independence Day

4th of July 1

I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.

                        Abigail Adams (writing about the 4th of July)

Aphrodite Shop 4th of July BBQ and Picnic Table
BBQ grill 13 LI Animated for you and your partner. Burgers, lamb & potatoes, steaks, fish, veggie, sausages, pork & apples, and chicken are all on the menu..
All meats start as raw, are grilled in about 2 minutes then delivered as plated food on the placemats. Fire on/off at touch.
Picnic Table 2 LI menu driven texture change 29 options for the tablecloth American/Canadian and every day.
Sitting Pillows 1 LI each 15 animations
Optional Umbrella 2 LI menu driven texture change 29 options to match the tablecloth.
Desserts Basket 5 LI desert/spoon giver
Drinks Cooler 9 LI drink giver, touch color change
Vase of flowers 11 LI: Decorative Spring orchids as gift
Placemats 1 LI each – works with the BBQ to rezz the food.

4th of July 6

Grilling the veggies

4th of July 3

Aphrodite Shop Picnic bicycle “Independence day” specially made for celebrating 4th of July includes:
Bike Picnic Log v1.0 “We love America”
Log with American Flag blanket 4 LI 6 single and 17 couple poses
American Picnic Bike v 1.1 16 LI 4 single, 11 couple and 4 eating poses
Fire on/off at touch

4th of July 2   4th of July 5

Left photo:

{what next} Mayfair Trunk (Old Glory) w/sits 3 LI
[hate this] [ht:home] deco pillows USA 1 LI
Aphrodite Aphrodisiac beer on ice bucket 4 LI beer giver!
THE GROCERY STORE AND SUPERMARKET Watermelon On Ice-Touch for Slice 3 LI
Chez Moi :::. Watermelan Cut Seashore 9 LI
{Petite Maison} Christo Dishes – single 1 LI

Right photo:

Jian   Asbury Patio Furniture can texture change on click whenever they are vacant.
Rocking chair 1 LI 6 single animations
Side table with lemonade 1 LI 

There are some extras to mention. 

The Sam Houston Shutter Shack is 31 LI and I found it on the marketplace. It is boxed and includes bleached and dark versions, with different layouts on the stairs and entryway.  You can get it on the marketplace or visit Tickety-boo at the sim.
Apple Fall makes this great American Flag Garland at 1 LI.  They are copy/mod so you can use as many as you want and fix the size as you need.

Hollyhocks (Heart Garden Centre)

Other landscaping items from Dysfunctionality, Alirium Gardens, Mesh Plants, 3D Trees, HPMD, Studio Skye, Fanatik, Organica and Cube Republic

Under an imposed veil of secrecy the U.S. Congress appointed Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston as a committee to draft a declaration of independence from Britain.  Thomas Jefferson was delegated to write the document, John Adams did a first revision followed closely by Benjamin Franklin’s.  Final revisions were done by the entire Committee with 47 alterations made before it was presented to Congress on June 28, 1776. After 39 additional changes Congress voted on July 2 for independence and on July 4 the document was ordered to a final printing.

General George Washington received his copy and on July 9 he gathered several brigades of his Army at 6:00 p.m. for the document to be read “with an audible voice”.  General Washington hoped that this would give his soldiers fresh incentive and the understanding that “the peace and safety of our country depended on them”.

I’ve thought more than once what Divine force was working to place all of these men in our country at this moment in history.  Despite their personal flaws and shortcomings – and there were many – these men were able to lead and inspire others at that time in nothing less than heroic proportions.

Evening on the Laguna Madre

Let's Party Dock 3

We seem to spend more time shopping for fun things to fit our outdoor lifestyle in SL  than anything else. This time of year the stores and events are loaded with summer items and our place is full of special places where we can relax.

Party Time 1

Tubs and coolers of beer are out for our guests to enjoy.

Let's Party Dock

We got some new chairs and a cooler while we were out yesterday – the cool summer colors and the prints on the chairs are perfect!

Let's Party Dock Lips Chair

At the end of a day spent in and on the water there’s nothing like a cold beer while the fish grill. I can’t make myself get up and do anything . . it’s hot.  The breeze off the water helps and maybe after I eat I’ll make it out of the chair and into the house….maybe.  When we have a party – everyone stays put.  There is a bowl on the porch where all the car key’s get dumped and no one leaves unless there is a designated driver.  We set up tents and cots and hammocks for when they’re ready to sleep and the party doesn’t officially end until the next morning when everyone has had a good breakfast.

Thistle “Let’s Party” Dock Gray (cm) 9 LI
“Let’s Party” Dock Pennants Add-on Gray (cm) 10 LI
“Let’s Party” Mini Dock Gray (cm) 6 LI
“Let’s Party” Mini Dock Ladder (cm) 1 LI
No Wake Zone Sign (cm)

LISP – Mesh  Summer Punch Vintage Deck Chair’s 2 LI ea.

Token&Tribe- Backyard Cooler 8 LI
LTD The Event

Aphrodite American beer on ice bucket 3 LI

PILOT   Lantern [Candle] 1 LI

Bahia Tiki  Fishing Rod dispenser Basket 4 LI
Fish Grill 4 LI

If I cut up the watermelon

I was looking for something new to put out on the boat dock and this was perfect . . wicker, comfy cushions, matching table with that sliced watermelon and some really colorful glass fisherman’s floats and a life preserver in case you eat too much melon and roll off the dock!

Picked up this cute potted caladium while I was there too, part of the Aria Peridot Indoor/Outdoor collection.

Aria and 22760[bawerk] at LTD The Event is open and runs through July 24th.

Roofed Wicker Chair 5 LI
Fishermans Float Green Big, blue big, red small – 1 LI ea.
~ each color has 2 sizes
Rattan Beach Table with Melon Sticks 1 LI

[ARIA] Peridot potted caladium 4 LI

Traditional mate tea…

Aphrodite Living Room 1

…it’s something I’d not heard of until Marina (Ramer) from Aphrodite Shop included the mate tea tray in this living room set, “Living de Campo” which is available at the Multicultural Menu from June 1 – June 21.  I am always drawn to contemporary mixed with traditional and this is a perfect example.  The furniture lines are contemporary, and to me so are the colors – black, white, tan….but the cowhide rug and print on the chair and foot stool and the rough wood framed artwork is traditional in Argentina.

So is the mate tea!  Jesuit missionaries tried to ban the popular indigenous tea, yerba maté because they thought it was addictive.  Is there anything missionaries didn’t try to ban?   They gave up after a while and in that “if you can’t beat them, join them” spirit  began cultivating it on plantations.  The missionaries were booted out in the 1700’s, but the tea continues.  Argentina is a major tea producer and I’m tankful because their tea is perfect for mixing and the United States is their biggest customer.  Iced tea until the end!

Aphrodite Argentina

Mate is served in a hollow gourd and drunk through a metal straw called a bombilla.  There is a filter at the bottom of the straw to keep tea sludge out of what you drink…..AND mate is GOOD for us!

With antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering properties, and containing vitamins C, B1, and B2 and it’s a perfect morning tea since it’s loaded with caffeine.  Orange peels and hot milk added to the yerba maté create a beverage called mate de leche con cascarita de naranja.

Who knew there’s even a museum dedicated to the history of yerba maté in Tigre, near Buenos Aires?

Living de Campo (Argentinian Style living room)
Couple Sofa PG 1.0 11 PI
Chair 3 PI
Black & white chair 3 PI
Black and white matching stool 2 PI
Deco Mate Set 4 PI
Picture Frame 3 PI
ANIMATIONS: Single, couple, cuddle, standing, laying, slow dance and activity – some with props

Props disappear when you change your sit.
Rug had menu driven texture/access options
Add your own photo’s to the framed art

The Multicultural Menu 
Aphrodite Shop

“Wine is bottled poetry” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

La Bodega 4

La Bodega is the next set from Aphrodite Shop at the Multicultural Menu and I placed it in a corner of our balcony which is surrounded by orange blossoms.  This setting seemed perfect for the barrel chairs and table and a great spot to catch the breeze on a warm summer evening.  With wine and cheese involved, it couldn’t be more perfect.

La Bodega 2

The chairs are “copy” so you can put more than 2 and have a small party with your friends.  Under the cheese and wine board there is more wine so you won’t run out no matter how long your evening and your friends linger.

La Bodega Artwork

We didn’t put out the artwork, but I wanted you to see it – it’s so colorful!

“La Bodega” – Argentinian Wine Corner
Comfy Barrel Chair 4 PI
Barrel Table 4 PI
Cheeses Board 4 PI
Cowskin Rug 3 P:I
Picture frames 2 PI
ANIMATIONS: sit, eat and drink.
Drink animations include a “serve drink” and “somellier” option so you can serve wine
The cheese board has a nice variety of cheese or crackers & cheese

Props disappear when you change your sit

A menu allows for texture/access changes on the rug and you can add your own photo’s to the pictures in the set.

The Multicultural Menu
Aphrodite Shop





“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf

Tableside Grill 5

Aphrodite Shop gives us a taste of Argentina at the Multicultural Menu  which started June 1 and runs through June 21.  Their contribution is not only traditional foods and wines from their country but some really fun home furnishings that include such popular items as cowhide rugs, tableside grills and barrel chairs with a matching table that doubles as a cooler for your wines!

Tableside Grill 4

I put the Meso de Campo Con Asada – an Argentinian table set with mini BBQ – on the dock behind our house.  We always enjoy eating outside and this tableside BBQ grill (parrillo) is perfect. Sausages, steak, stuffed peppers – all sizzling next to you as you work on the dishes already set on the table.

Perfect dining for 2, inside or out.

Tableside BBQ Aphrodite

 Aregentinian “Mesa de Campo” (Table Set & Mini BBQ) (v1.0)
Table 2 PI
Dining chair 3 PI
Small table 2 PI
Mini BBQ 11 PI
Wood chopping block for BBQ 1 PI
The table is set with a meal, plated food is 7 LI per serving and the salad bowls, pasta bowl, flower vase with salt and pepper and the tabletop runner are all 1 PI.

ANIMATIONS: sit, eat, drink.
The mini BBQ grill has menu driven options to control the fire, sound, and on/off.

The Multicultural Menu
Aphrodite Shop