Al fresco , et al.

Galand Fireplace 1

When you have a fireplace like this one from Galland Homes you want to park yourself outside and stay there. We love to eat al fresco when the weather cooperates and when friends are over we can pull up chairs or throw some pillows around.  This is a must have for year round!

Galland Homes Outdoor Fireplace LI 5 (Cosmopolitan Event 5/15)

PATRON Topiary Pavers in Ohana Pavers LI 2  menu driven resizer

LISP   Gatcha Floor Cushion – Blue Stripe Wool LI 2

Dyscunctional Designs  Little Log Pile B LI 1

  Fireplace Tools   LI  1  menu driven texture change

Heart Potted Plants   White Daisies LI 3
  White Potted Plants   Daisies & Aubretia LI 3

Flowers, trees and greenery: Mesh Plants, Garden of Dreams, Fanatic Architecture, The Cube Republic, 3D Trees, +Half Deer+, meadowWorks


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