If you know what’s good for you

Weekend Getaway 4It’s time to get out with friends and family to camp or visit those weekend getaway spots. We pulled up the tent stakes and put out a new place to call home. Yes – it is another hidey hole for the weekends.

Its small… and open… and airy and that’s 3 things on my list of what I want for my SL life. Our real worlds get complicated and when it’s time to take a break – Second Life can be great therapy.

Weekend Getaway 1We hung this chair from a supporting beam and it is a new place to enjoy our gardens.  The only thing missing in SL are scents …. wouldn’t it be nice to breathe in the salty sea or roses or lemon trees . .  yes?  Someone should work on that.

Weekend Getaway 2Taking  a bath in the ocean is fun (if you can hold onto the Ivory) but this fresh water shower is good to rinse the salt water from your body. There is no hot or cold – just on and off and there’s nothing like a refreshing shower on a hot summer day.

I love having sunflowers (thanks to Morgan for these) and echanicea…camelia and lots of ferns and wild mushrooms sprouting all around!  We enjoy our flowers and  at least half my prims are used up with trees and plants.  This is such a fun thing to play with and the more you try different ideas the better you get with your landscaping!

Weekend Getaway 3

Happy 😀

AMITOMO:HAIKEI Private Beach House   LI   25       Kustom9 (5/15)

REAL WAVES  walkway path of stones    LI   1

Ariskea [Astronome] The Wood Stack  Ariskea [Astronome]     LI    5

11 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Wooden Sifter   LI    3
36 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Clay Pots   LI    5

[we’re CLOSED] barn light wall   LI   3
  bean bag leather brown 1   LI   2 (group gift)
  cloth chair light    LI    4
  tray table LI 2 (group gift)

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Garden Shower (ADULT)     LI    7

Greenery, trees, ground covers: 3D Trees, HPMD, Serious Business, Mesh Plants, The Little Branch, Hayabusa Design, Botanical, Dysfunctional Designs


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