Knee deep in the water somewhere….only worry “is the water gonna reach my chair?” Zac Brown Band ‘Knee Deep’

laguna madre setup_023

Our sailboat anchored in the lagoon

We’ve loaded the boat with food and water, fishing and scuba gear, our getaway box which includes everything from safety pins and matches to our first aid kit and flashlights.  Two ice chests – one with beer and tequila – the other packed to the top with ice (I prefer my life with ice!).  A couple of bags filled with fresh vegetables and fruits and I swear it’s all we need. 

Island Vaca 2

We love a good porch .. . and the stilts keeps the house dry during most storm surges

Sometimes the island is underwater with only our cabin on stilts left standing above.  Our place has sheltered others when they are caught in a storm and not one time has anyone abused our place!

There is no electricity.  The only concession to anything electronic is a battery operated 2-way radio for emergencies and a CD player (also battery) so we can have our music.

We swim, fish, snorkel, sleep, eat and generally have a relaxing weekend together which recharges us for the week ahead.  Only a few miles and a short sail from home and we are at the cabin – which seems a million miles away.

Island Vaca_009

All weather sit for outside

The Laguna Madre winds along the worlds largest barrier island, Padre Island.  There is no other place with such diversity.  There are still wildcats.   The coastal wetlands shelter migratory raptors, songbirds, waterfowl and shorebirds, and the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle. This region stretches more than 250 miles north and south along the gulf coast of Texas and Mexico’s state of Tamaulipas, where the Rio Grande meets the ocean.

deck and awning_003

Dining and sitting for everyone

A combination of seagrass beds, cordgrass prairies, thornscrub thickets and almost 100 other species of shrub-like plants make up the vegetation of the Rio Grande delta.

Laguna Madre Lemonade and Cakes

Lemonade and sweets courtesy of 22769 [bauwerk]

The Nature Conservancy and Pronatura Noreste worked with the Mexican Government to set aside 1.4 million acres of the Laguna Madre as protected area.  There is a long term plan to conserve this area and they are continually working on funding.  More information can be found at

laguna madre setup_004

Trompe L’oeil hot tub

Norenzo Design SUNSEEKER (adult) 23 sailboat 31 LI

{Greymoon Designs} o2jm1Mesh (cabin on stilts) 13 LI

Trompe Loeil Barrel Bath White & Wilver (adult) 10 LI  (base included, not used)

[we’re CLOSED] party lights L2 7 LI

Mesh Plants Ruins Wall (Small, Tall) 1 LI  (includes 9 all sizes)

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Garden Gate 1 LI

              Shabby Garden Fence 3 LI

              Whimsical Sweets Pack Plate with Butterfly Cakes 1 LI (4 types included)

               Homemade Lemonade Tray 2 LI

[we’re CLOSED] awning white 4 LI

CP: Jake’s Messy Garden Sofa (PG) 13 LI 19 single and 27 couples sits. Pillow and wood texture change menu


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