If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. ~Loren Eiseley

I was wandering around the grid a few days ago looking for new things and places – always in search of a new plant, tree, rock or grass.  Sometimes I feel like I am a botanist trying to catalog every plant and flower, discover its origins and do the Second Life equivalent of gathering a specimen to take home with me.

new Friends 21 KEEPThe first thing that stopped me in my tracks was this beautiful heron from Tomato Park.  I watched as he bent his neck and plucked a fish from the water, then swallowed it down.  The movements are smooth (depending on the lag, which effects everything in SL at times) and he’s quite unique in comparison to other birds I’ve run across. 

I also got a frog – there are 3 in the box – red, blue and the green one I have out now.  Included is a lillypad which you place around in the water and the frog jumps from one to the next.  The jump is random so he’s not hopping in a circle or in the same pattern each time.

New Friends KEEP

New Friend 40 KEEP

Lastly, the turtle.  He’s a cutie . . and you can choose whether to put him in the water or on land.  The swimming animation has bubbles that float up from his head.  On land he lumbers around about as slow as any turtle does out of water.

Turtle 1 keep

All of these great new friends for my pond are found at the Tomato Park animated animals and pets zoo.

Heron – v012  7LI   walks, fishing animation, menu driven roaming area.

Frog – v0.3   7LI  3 frogs per box with lillypad and flower (flower is optional).  Auto hops around on the pads.

Sea Turtle (large)   7LI    Rez for water or land.  Swimming animation has bubbles, menu driven roaming area.

None of these are over L$200!


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