Sometimes I sit and think….and sometimes I just sit

Origami Group Gift KEEP 1

The Origami Japan Event is running through April 5 and with every swing through I come home with something else.

The cushions are for couples and they have the most clever animations I’ve seen.  Some run for 30 seconds and give smooth changes and moves on the cushion.  On the single animations – when you first sit – you will be folding up the pillow to make it more restful for stretching out.  Change the sit to an upright position and the pillow unfolds to it’s normal size.

There is a color change menu and 37 single/couple PG animations – you can even load some of your own animations!

Origami items_010KEEP

Origami cushions

Origami’s group gift (their second this month) are these colorful Japanese lamps in 3 different sizes (sm/med/lg) with optional mini tatami mats for each one.  The details are amazing and there are even tiny glass beads at the top corners that catch the lamp glow – very pretty!

Origami Group Gift KEEP

[HD] Happy Dispatch Summer Bunking ZABUTON(COUPLE)ver1.1  2PI

>+ORIGAMI+< GG ( Hanami Lamp Gin) Sakura to Hanami
3 Japanese lamps small/med/large 1 LI ea..
mini tatami for each size lamp, 1 LI ea.


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