When I get home I shall write a book about this place… If I ever do get home. – Alice (in Wonderland)

I’m going on 4 years in Second Life….and it is still as magical as it was in the beginning.  There are things and people who annoy me and sometimes I even annoy myself – but still, I’m here and as time goes by I feel more and more a part of the community.  The beautiful friends I’ve made – especially my women friends who are always so supportive and loving – help to make SL a wonderful place for me.

ABADUTIKER Tea House keep4

Japanese Tea House by Abadutiker

Since I’ve been here I’ve lived on a tropical island, a mountain, in Brazil, Norway, France and Japan.  I’ve made my home inside a steampunk airship constantly flying above this world – and even in an airplane hangar on a WWII sim,  There are more but those are the highlights so far. Isn’t it always an adventure?

ABADUTIKER Tea House Keep2

Kosori doi (rain chain) and my favorite turtle pot

Of all the lifestyles here Japanese is my favorite.  I try to stay true to their style – many things in SL are classified as “oriental” . . but there is a difference between say – Japanese and Chinese architecture, kimono styles . . just as Korea has it’s own distinct style. Thanks to my friends who are schooled in Japanese I am learning the sometimes subtle differences.


Tea table and cherry blossom cushions by 22769 ~ [bauwerk]

Now . . having said all that . . . I am working on different areas at our home parcel and I got started just in time for the Origami Japan Event which started March 5th and will run through April 5th.  I’m sure by the time 4/5 rolls around I’ll have been back many times and will eventually have everything that catches my eye!

BWTea Table Origami KEEP

Details of the tea table with the Zen Sake Set from kunst

RICKSHAW Origami 5Cherry Blossom Rickshaw by xin. and the moss ball & physalis by [monaya*wa*]

Japanese Tea House by Abadutiker 25 LI

Traditional Tatami 1 LI

Stone Hachimae & wooden stand 7 LI

Abadutiker *Bamboo-in-Pot* 5 LI

reBourne Japanese lantern 4 LI

(Rebourne’s homes have separate LM’s so if you find an item on the marketplace and want to check it out, find the option to “see item in Second Life” and TP there)

MudHoney Rain Chain 4 LI

*Figment* Turtle Pot-Red 1 LI

Mesh Plants Climbing Rose L – White 3 LI

TARTESSOS ARTS (TA) Bamboo Panel 11 LI

Origami Fair – Japan Event March 5 – April 5 2015

xin. cherry blossom rickshaw 11 LI

+SOMALI+ Wagasa B&W ver <C+M> 2 LI (worn with a hold animation, texture change options)

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Japanese Table with Tablecloth 1 LI
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Sit Pillow Cherry Blossom 1 LI

[ kunst ] & JD – Zen sake set 7 LI
tray, cups and bottle color change options, sake server
Monaya Gardening main shop [monaya*wa*] moss ball & physalis 7 LI


My cute little moss ball


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