Turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so…….

Home pond 10 (2)

Our Japanese garden

There is an enchanting world of mystery and exotic beauty to be found in the Japanese garden.  The rock gardens – or Zen gardens – use sand to replace water and the ripple effect is done with a rake.  Stones can represent islands or mountains, and the placement of the rock, the pattern of the ripples and which plants are used are an important design element. The Japanese tea ceremony is often done in a tea house set within a rustic garden, or roji.  Roji means “dewy path” or “dewy ground” and is simple with no feature meant to be prominent.  Emperor’s had gardens designed for their aesthetic pleasure and recreation and the Buddhist gardens are for meditation and contemplation.

Home pond 4

Japanese lantern and bronze crane

The first chronicle of Japanese history was published in 720 AD and it mentioned Emperor Keiko in the spring of 74 AD putting carp into his pond.  Several other mentions are of the Emperor and his imperial concubine dining on a boat launched into the pond and of Keiko eating in the garden by the side of a winding stream.

Home Pond 7

Shishi Odoshi – also known as a deer chaser

My garden is not so large as the Emperor’s or so small as the austere roji, but more of a courtyard garden – without a courtyard.  It is a restful place to listen to the water falling from the shishi odoshi and to watch the carp swim gracefully beneath the water.  It is esthetically pleasing to Zhoy and me and the perfect place to spend some time together.

Home pond overview 1

KIDD *Japan Lantern*1 Single Lamp*2 prims
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass07 – a 1 prim
[we’re CLOSED] rock mossy 1 prim
alirium *aG* nameless ivy -green- circle 1 prim

*aG* nameless ivy -green- crescent 1 prim

*aG* rabbit grass -purple- circle 1 prim

Heart  Garden Centre – Aubretia – Large – White – FULL 1 prim
MeadowWorks Bronze Crane Sculpture 01 1 prim

Basic Elements KOI Emitter 1 prim
Botanical – Green Dune Grass Bunch (t) 7 1 prim
Botanical – Mesh Mystic Lotus 2 1 prim

New Trails – Pre-linked Autumn Ferns 2 prims
Hayabusa Tree B for Flower M10 v1-1 tf-11  6 prims
3D Trees BAMBOO 1 THICK – green/brown trunk 3 prims   purchased from the marketplace

Heart – Aubretia – Large – Pink – FULL 1 prim

            Aubretia – Large – White – Full  1 prim

Trompe Loeil – Shishi Odoshi Bamboo Fountain large – 13 prims

Dysfunctional Designs [DDD] Deplanted Fern Clump – Light 1 prim
[DDD] Deplanted Fern Clumb – Dark 1 prim
Studio Skye Riverbank 4 (deep) 8 prims
-Skye River bed (deep) 2 prims
3D Trees Sakura tree 7 prims M/T 1


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