Love is the process of melting into the other. — Shri Radhe Maa

Valentines Swing Aphrodite GOOD

Is there anything more wonderful than being in love?  There’s nothing more romantic, sexy and exciting than a new love and in turn, I can’t think of one single thing that is more wonderful than love that has kept two people together for years.  Artists have been defining love for us through music, poetry and novels for centuries.  Adding to this we now have movies, and Victoria’s Secret, candies, valentines cards – the list is almost endless.  Lover’s can express themselves in so many ways that every day of the year can bring a new token of love.

In Second Life the items for Valentines Day are almost as endless. 

Marina Ramer of Aphrodite Shop has helped make buying for this special day a bit easier by opening the Valentine Market where everything for Valentine’s Day is in one place!  When you land, go left and in a few steps you  are there.

One of the things I foud to surprise Zhoy is the Valentine’s Swing for couples (adult version, of course).  We spend most of our time outdoors and are always looking for good quality swings and benches for the time we like to spend together at our home.

This swing is only 4 prims!  It has a quilted cover with a big heart design in the middle and includes the traditional red and pink colors of Valentine’s.  The swing rope is covered in rosebuds, there is a matching red comfort throw along the side, and it swings when you touch between the ropes.

Valentines Swing Aphrodite FINAL

You’ll find 80 animations for single and couple’s.   There are activities such as reading, writing in your diary, drawing, working on the computer, talking on your cellphone and also a drinking animation.  Included are lots of couples cuddles and the intimate part of the menu includes animations made by – and exclusive to – Aphrodite Shop.

Go to the market and try the swing, see the animations for yourself.  They’re great fun 😀

Take a BIG shopping bag!

Aphrodite Shop


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