How do you feel about an afternoon tea?

Aphrodite Spring Tea Table_keep1Martha was my best friend when I was a little girl.  We all had great Mother’s . . fun loving, always up for something new.  There were 3 of us (Fran was my other good friend) and we ran the neighborhood….literally.  We knew every hidey hole, creek and tree in our area and with most of the Mom’s at home there was usually someone with an eye on us.

Martha’s mother, we will call her Mrs. Fuller to protect her identity – was determined to take our rag tag selves and make us into proper ladies.  We all KNEW how to behave and WHEN to behave but she always thought we needed more polishing around the edges.  She was so beautiful and sweet and someone my parents called “gracious” . . which was a new word for me.  I thought she was a beautiful as a movie star, and she was.

In the summertime she would prepare picnics for us in their huge backyard.  Their yard was terraced and I was always hoping they would put in a swimming pool . . but the picnics were good enough at the time.  Once a week we had to show up scrubbed, with our hair combed and wearing something resembling a little girl.  Sometimes we would be on a blanket down in the yard next to banks of azaleas and camellias,  other times we would be up on the top terrace at one of the wrought iron tables.

Aphrodite Spring Tea Table_017KEEPShe went to a lot of trouble for us.  When we were settled on the blanket she would open up the huge basket and pull out cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, small little deviled eggs which I now know were quail eggs, perfect slices of cheese and usually some sort of juice.  For desert she would give us small baskets decorated with fresh flowers, or shamrocks with trailing  satin ribbons, or whatever took her fancy –  and inside would be Mexican Wedding cookies (you know, those cookies rolled in powdered sugar) or an elegantly decorated cupcake from the bakery, sometimes petit fours she made herself.

The days we ate seated at the table were called “luncheons” and the food was usually more elaborate – well at least they required forks and spoons and using those outdoors seemed elaborate to me.  No paper pales and plastic forks – she’d put out her nice china and silver.  We’d have chicken salad with green grapes, pecans, and apple sauce – slices of cantaloupe and watermelon, fancy crackers with cheese cubes…and for desert – – – angel food cake and a fluffy frosting tinted whatever color she was in the mood for that day.

There were always flowers on the table . . and when we had the fall version of these wonderful gatherings, hot tea with honey or a cup of cocoa served from a chocolate pot.

I will admit I sometimes had a charmed childhood….and I wouldn’t trade one single thing for this.  My Mother taught me which fork or spoon to use and when to use it, but Mrs. Fuller made it fun and elegant and gave us the practice we needed to remember these things.

Tea Service Butterfly Table

I’m still a bit of a tomboy but when I need to be, I can pull out the lady side and sip tea with the best!

Mrs. Fuller would be proud of the Spring Butterflies tea garden table set. She was the first person I thought of when I saw this setting at the Aphrodite Shop.  The fine, delicate china, cakes so beautifully iced, vases of flowers . . and colorful butterflies circling the marble topped table.  She would have approved.

Aphrodite Shop Spring Butterflies Flower Vases

Aphrodite Shop “Spring Butterflies” Tea Garden Table
     Animated chairs with 14 animations   5 prims

     Wrought Iron table with marble top     3 prims

     Hand painted tea set – offers 12 differenttea blends and 4 cakes or treats  7 prims

     Flower vases with animated butterflies     5 prims

     Garden plant decorative in pot   5 prims

 ~BAZAR~  Glamping tent (small) 4 prims



All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. – Charles Schultz

Aphrodite Gazebo 1

This is a lovely gazebo grouping that’s ideal for Valentine’s Day!  Romantic and festive, it’s obviously themed for romance. What a great place for a gathering of friends on February 14th or a complete surprise evening for your true love – or for engagement parties, weddings, birthdays.

Valentine's Aphrodite Shop Gazebo 3

Aphrodite Valentine Gazebo – 302 prims

Decorations of red rose garlands with flower change options, lamps, soft candle lighting, optional lamps & lights with scattered rose petals. The rezzer lays it out for you and then you can decide whether to use all, or as separate romantic rooms. 

Valentines Aphrodite Shop Gazebo dining

The bridges have poses for dancing, kissing and a proposal. 

Three gazebos – one for sitting and talking (71 prims), one for romantic dining (72 prims) and the other has a grand piano with 23 piano love songs, playable by the music book (62 prims).

Aphrodite Shop

A Second life product copyrighted by
Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood

“How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being.” – Oscar Wilde

Calentine's Royal Couple KEEP

One of the first things I noticed about Zhoy was that he is a gift giver 😀   Jewelry, lingerie, shoes, cars…..and all the first day!  I’m kidding of course but how in the world can you pass up someone who is so generous and doesn’t need a special occasion to make me feel special? It’s impossible.

Gift giving is an art my man has mastered.  It’s not just getting something, unwrapping it then setting it aside….it’s receiving a gift that has a special meaning and has my happiness in mind.  He knows me…he knows what my tastes are and never fails to please me. 

Valentine's Royal Dining keep4He is hard to buy for . . .there are more cars and planes, helicopters and boats in his inventory than I have houses!  I gift him some big things from time to time but I’ve found that he really enjoys when I wear something special for him, or set something up that is special.  He does his fair share of this for me and I love surprising him in turn…..

Valentine's Royal Dining Keep2I’ve gathered up a few surprises for this Valentine’s Day from the Aphrodite Shop.  I blogged about the couple’s swing a few days ago and today I’ve gone a bit more formal with the Valentine “Royal”  Couple Silver Table.  It’s a Baroque version for romantic dining, dancing and cuddles.  We have the adult version but it comes in PG too.  There are Valentine’s placemats and it has 35 choices for food, drink and decoration.  I put the fruit kabobs out for us with a side dish of melted chocolate – I will use mine and Zhoy’s because he doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth.

There are also 125 poses for dining, sitting, standing, dancing . . cuddles . . and some special ones for the lovers.

The highest prim count is 21 – depending on what is rezzed on the table. 

A very unique set that calls for a total dress up affair 😀

I have the silver version, the gold is available at the current Cosmopolitan event!

Here’s a video to watch which shows all the animations and everything the setting has to offer!

Aphrodite Shop on the marketplace…

Aphrodite Shop (and the Valentine’s Market)

A Second life product copyrighted by
Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood

Love is the process of melting into the other. — Shri Radhe Maa

Valentines Swing Aphrodite GOOD

Is there anything more wonderful than being in love?  There’s nothing more romantic, sexy and exciting than a new love and in turn, I can’t think of one single thing that is more wonderful than love that has kept two people together for years.  Artists have been defining love for us through music, poetry and novels for centuries.  Adding to this we now have movies, and Victoria’s Secret, candies, valentines cards – the list is almost endless.  Lover’s can express themselves in so many ways that every day of the year can bring a new token of love.

In Second Life the items for Valentines Day are almost as endless. 

Marina Ramer of Aphrodite Shop has helped make buying for this special day a bit easier by opening the Valentine Market where everything for Valentine’s Day is in one place!  When you land, go left and in a few steps you  are there.

One of the things I foud to surprise Zhoy is the Valentine’s Swing for couples (adult version, of course).  We spend most of our time outdoors and are always looking for good quality swings and benches for the time we like to spend together at our home.

This swing is only 4 prims!  It has a quilted cover with a big heart design in the middle and includes the traditional red and pink colors of Valentine’s.  The swing rope is covered in rosebuds, there is a matching red comfort throw along the side, and it swings when you touch between the ropes.

Valentines Swing Aphrodite FINAL

You’ll find 80 animations for single and couple’s.   There are activities such as reading, writing in your diary, drawing, working on the computer, talking on your cellphone and also a drinking animation.  Included are lots of couples cuddles and the intimate part of the menu includes animations made by – and exclusive to – Aphrodite Shop.

Go to the market and try the swing, see the animations for yourself.  They’re great fun 😀

Take a BIG shopping bag!

Aphrodite Shop