There’s no blank spots on the map anymore, anywhere on earth. If you want a blank spot on the map, you gotta leave the map behind.” ― Jon Krakauer

We left our maps behind today and ventured to Lick Sim Design’s Tropical Forest …. and what an adventure!

Lick Jungle Sim_View at the top

We took the boat for a ride up the river…..

Lick Jungle Sim River ExploreThere is a boat to take you from the landing area over to the jungle, and with Zhoy at the helm….

Lick Jungle Sim with Zhoy at the helmI took a brief nap… was a long trip by car, train, then bush plane…and the humidity got me 😀

Lick Jungle Sim Guess Who Took A NapI woke up in time to see the huge Jaguars on the riverbank, one of them was making a move for the boat and I’m not sure who screamed louder – me or the Jag!

Lick Jungle Sim Hungry JaguarsAfter that it was time to explore the jungle areas and I”m always grateful for 2 things when we do this – sunblock and Zhoy’s machete!

Lick Jungle Sim Which way to goWe ran across this family of Gorilla’s emerging from the darkness….Zhoy quietly said – never look them in the eye.

Lick Jungle Sim_Gorillas

Mama was not happy to see us especially since she had that baby with her.

Lick Jungle Sim_Over the bridge

The views are breathtaking from the top of the sim and this bridge is great for taking some pics.

Lick Jungle Sim Rain and then more rain

…back to our boat for a short ride to the beach…..yes, it’s still raining 😀

Moonlight on the beach…romantic and restful after a full day.

Lick Jungle Sim End of an exciting day


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