Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder……

Exotic Dining GOOD 2

Everything for the Absinthe ritual…slotted spoon, ice cold water and a lump of sugar

There is no liqueur – a spirit is what it really is – that has more history attached to it than Absinthe. 

Absinthe in the modern sense of a distilled spirit dates to the 18th century. There are quite a few ingredients but wormwood, star anise, fennel seed, licorice, peppermint and hyssop are main ones.  The date varies on exactly when it was invented – 1792 or so – but it was 1805 before the first distillery was opened in Switzerland – followed shortly by one in France.

Its rise in popularity as an alcoholic drink during the late 19th and early 20th centuries is due mainly to the bohemian culture in Paris. It was heavily embraced by the writers and artists of the time – and it wasn’t long before the opposition set in.

Oscar Wilde was a huge fan . . Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec has been credited as the inventor of the Tremblement de Terre (“The Earthquake”), an extremely strong cocktail which consists of three parts cognac and three parts absinthe.  Picasso, Hemingway, Aleister Crowley..the list goes on.

Absinthe was popular in New Orleans, too.  In 1807 the Old Absinthe House set up shop on the corner of Rue Bourbon and Rue Bienville.  Oscar WIlde made his way here, and there are stories of the ghost of Jean Lafitte – and historically the building is called Jean Lafitte’s Old Absinthe House.  It stands today as evidence of New Orleans rich history and the fondness of decadence.

Exotic Dining Good 1

Romantic setting for the Absinthe Party

We decided to have an Absinthe party during the holidays to celebrate this much misunderstood beverage that has now come back into favor — did it ever go OUT?  There are romantic images conjured up when I think of the Absinthe bars .  . and luxurious furnishings, elaborate silks and things gilded and full of jewed colors.

So much fun!

Tempura Decors:
DINING TABLE (living room table)   (rez dinnerware) mod 2 prims
Exquisite Orange ARMCHAIR   2 prims copy
Cabinet  (opening lid at top to place treasures) 5 prims copy/mod
Holland Park Carpet  1 prim copy/mod

Absinthe Fountain Beverage Service gives 3 different sizes of Absinthe drinks 25 prims
Aphrodite Goblets (part of the Middle Eastern Fest Dining Room set) 1 prim
Aphrodite Jellab Jar (part of the Middle Eastern Fest Dining Room set) 1 prim
PATRON Mantle Wreath Red Edition 4 prims copy/mod
Stockholm&Lima: Alchemist Serving Cart 3 prims copy/mod
Stockholm&Lima: The Alchemist’s Shot Glass Tray 1 prim copy/mod
Stockholm&Lima: Tumbler Glasses (Tall) 1 prim copy/mod
Stockholm&Lima: Tumbler Glasses (Short)  copy/mod
Zen & Serenity Shop THAI 3 BAMBOO SCULPT CANDLE 16 prims
Dysfunctional Designs [DDD] Decorative Candle Wallpiece texture change 1 prim  copy/mod


One thought on “Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder……

  1. Wow thank you for the deep rich history of Absinthe and it’s influences in culture. Now knowing that Wilde was a fan, I see things clearer. As far as the interior design set up for the Absinthe party, you recreated the gilded and luxurious feeling of the era. Nice job!


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