“Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ” ― Mary Ellen Chase

christmas aphrodite table  good 1

Is there any other time of year that stirs as many emotions as Christmas?

Remember that feeling of being out of school for the holidays?  Church pageants, caroling, shopping, decorating, holiday parties….baking cookies and cakes, the house smelling like gingerbread and sugar cookies  – –  wrapping packages!  What a great time.

We opened our packages on Christmas Eve before we went to bed because every Christmas morning – as soon as I went nutz over the Santa things – we left for my Grandparents home.  Trying to head out early – we packed the car with all the food my Mother had cooked, more Christmas packages….. and my Grandmother only lived 40 miles away.  You would have thought we were driving hundreds of miles with as much stuff as got crammed in our car!

Gingerbread House Aphrodite

Mother’s family was large – she had 8 brothers and sisters – so when we were all together you can imagine the amount of food and number of kids running around.  Of course we were all sugared up on sweets so we got thrown outside to run that energy off before the main meal.  Luckily their home was in the country and we had the run of acres where we could play.

The “girls” in the family put glitter in their hair. I’m sure there must be something major unhealthy with this but they sprayed it in our hair or put hairspray everywhere and sprinkled us.  We drew names to choose who got to play Santa and hand out gifts….or be helpers.  These were mainly adult gifts – gifts from my Aunts and Uncles to each other – but our Grandparents got each of the kids a present.  We were all rolling in paper and ribbons and there wasn’t anyone without a huge smile.

Mealtime was at 1 p.m. – SHARP – and involved a hierarchy of seating which continued every year….adults at the dining room table, children under 13 at the kitchen table – with everyone else finding places in the living room or den.  The entire house went silent when it was time for our Grandfather to say the blessing.  He was very good at this and presided at his table with words of wisdom.

Christmas Living Roomgood 4

Always thanking God for the many blessings which surrounded him, first and foremost my Grandmother.  He would remind us that she left a family of money  – without their blessing – to marry a dirt farmer and that he was eternally grateful that she loved him.  Foremost in his words was the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus birth –  and why we were all gathered together and asking His blessing.  He asked for God – and us as a family – to always remember those less fortunate and to keep love in our hearts.

Christmas Living Room_Good 1

Once in a while Christmas carols bring tears to my eyes in remembering those days and the people who are gone or places I have left, the carefree days I was able to spend as a child.  These are all things that make me know that I was, and am blessed.

I wish all of you joy and peace for your holidays and I hope you have some wonderful memories of past Christmas days and these will help mold your future ones.

Dining Room:

<Heart Homes> for Aphrodite Shop:
Family Holidays Dining Room Set (Interchangeable – Thanksgiving/Christmas)
Animated chairs Copy 3 prims  13 animations
Table runners in 5 different lavish fabrics Copy/Mod 1 prim
Centerpiece Christmas flowers, red roses & on/off candles  copy 4 prims
Wooden small side table copy/mod 1 prim
Placemats to rezz  Christmas food ultra realistic & LOW prims (average 3 prims)
8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Espresso Machine RARE 6 prims
8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Whipped Cream Coffee Order 3 prims
Wreath silver cale with birds 3 prims
Dina Bade
Tarte Twinkle Tree (L) mod/copy

Chairs at Window:
Glass Top Occasional Table – 6 Metal Choices 6 prims mod Maven’s Home Furnishings & Decor
Trompe Loeil – Wingback Chair With Pillow Natural and Wingback Chair With Pillow White 3 prims each (Wingback Chair without the             pillow @ 2 prims each ) mod/copy texture change for pillows
Aphrodite Gingerbread house 6 prims
Apple Fall Jute Natural Rug 3 color choices,
URBAN DAISIES – XMAS TREE white & gold 16 prims (DR) copy/mod
What Next
Paper Snowflake 1 prim copy/mod (snowflakes from the marketplace)
What Next Fancy Giftboxes Set mod 10 wrapped packages (fancy giftboxes from the marketplace)
prim count varies from the 4 – 9 prim each range

Living Room:

<Heart Homes> for Aphrodite Shop:
Glowing Warm Christmas Couple Living Room:
Sofa  8 prims
Chair x2 @ 5 prims each
Chest-Table 2 prims
Deco Stockings B  9 prims
Firewood basket 3 prims
-Aphrodite- NEW Gingerbread House 2 prims copy

<Heart Homes> Christmas Couple Tree 1.1  14 prims copy
Aphrodite hot chocolate holidays tray `10 prims
Tarte Snowflake pallet 1 prim copy/mod
Tarte Twinkle Tree (left and right) 2 prims copy/mod
Trompe Loeil – Funky Christmas Tree Colorful v2 4 prims copy/mod
Twig and Red Berry Wreath Prim Factory: Beaumont Weavers  on the marketplace  6 prims copy/mod
MNM – Oriental rug – Victorian Christmas Diamonds 1 prim mod
Fireplace Charlot CHEZ MOI   9 prims copy
~H&H~ Reindeer Rustic Wood Sculpture 1 prim copy
*FT* Angels of Peace Quilted Wall Hanging 1 prim copy/mod
[S&S] Quilted Cheer Pouffe 2 prims copy/mod
SQ Christmas Pillow “Birds in a Tree” 1 prim mod (contact Stang Zeplin)




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