I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. – – Charles Dickens

HeartHomes XMAS Outdoor Final 6

Putting my feet up after a long day of shopping

Today was my first real day of shop-till-you-drop.  I’ve been running around like a chicken without a head – trees, ornaments, holly, ice skates, sweaters….and still more to do.  And…then there’s the Hunts – –  POE, Candy Cane….etc. etc. etc.  The thing is, I enjoy it.  Usually I’m a bit of a hermit, homebody – but from Thanksgiving to New Years I enjoy getting out and mingling with the masses.


Waiting for the Zhoy man to get home

I’m practically insane about keeping my home decorated in season.  Whether it’s colors in the furniture, pillows, or artwork – I enjoy the inside reflecting what’s going on outside.  Winter means soft, fluffy fabrics and warm colors – and of course Christmas is here with the many hues of green, red, gold, and silver.  Those colors are the most traditional and the red holly berries, pinky red pomegranates…..red and green apples…..the red, pink and cream shades of the poinsettia all speak to me of the Christmas season.

cupcakes_FINAL 1There were 4 cupcakes – now there are 3 ….who doesn’t LOVE sprinkles??

Couldn’t wait to get home, off my feet and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with some cupcakes.

<Heart Homes> for Aphrodite Shop Winter Cozy Porch Set

Animated drinks tray with cupcakes as gift on both versions!

Aphrodite Shop Christmas Market

NOTE:  They are in the process of reworking to lower the prim count – which is now at only 19 prims for the entire set!!!!  Marina Ramer tells me that anyone who has purchased the higher prim set from the marketplace will be receiving the newer, lower prim one soon.  I will update when it is available on the marketplace, which should be in the next day or so.


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