“The sauna… Is an apotheosis of all experience…” — Constance Malleson

Finnish Spa_Final 1

The traditional Finnish sauna is actually an ancient form of bath. The sauna has witnessed all the joys and tribulations of the hardy ancient Finnish settlers. Women delivered their babies in the sauna. Any feast day usually meant a sauna the evening before.  A hard days work was ended with a trip to the sauna.

Whatever the reason you have one, a sauna is the perfect place to cleanse your body and soul.

Finnish Spa_Final 1 Reading

Sauna with Zhoy_FINAL GOOD 2

Our new Finnish Barrel Winter Sauna and Tub from Heart Homes is an ideal balm for cold winter days.  It is constructed from traditional red cedar which is not only smooth against the body but the cedar aroma is wonderful.  There are Himalayan salt candles for clean air and a basket with bath salts and oils is inside.  The oil is used to smooth on the skin once the pores are opened from the steam.  There are fine layers of this salt on the walls and it is activated by the steam.  Breathing in the salt particles, the aroma of the cedar, the scent of the perfume of the lavender tied around the towels….all of this makes for a relaxing and memorable sauna experience.

Finnish Spa_Final Putting Oil 1

The attached tub (optional) has a menu controlled fire and 16 animations for single and couples.  Nothing is more luxurious than being in an outdoor tub, warmed with silken waters lapping against your skin, and snow falling all around.

Sauna with Zhoy_FINAL GOOD

Solo: 13 Animations
Couple: 36 Couple Animations
52 hot sex and foreplay animations, high quality and hand picked!
12 Props and rezzed Items ( different scenes such as spa magazines, aromatherapy, hydrating with mineral water and more)

Main Sauna with Oven and Doors : 36 Prims
Optional Tub + Snow Base: 13 Prims

Optional Decorative Parts & gifts:

~♥~Towel Holder (Deco): 5 prims (Mesh!)
~♥~Fresh lavender towels stack (Deco): 4 Prims
~♥~Spa Basket (fully animated!): 23 Prims ( gives 3d wearable beauty mask, eye patches, different lotions & creams for your body or face, oils for your body in the sauna & more)
~♥~Bath Basket (Deco): 12 Prims
~♥~Himalayan Saltstone Candles (on/off, light) 1 & 2 Prims, with or without glow options
~♥~Hanging Bath Robe(Deco): 5 Prims
~♥~Folded bath robe decorative (2 prims)

A Second life product copyrighted by
Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood

Finnish Barrel Sauna and Tub on the marketplace
 Aphrodite Shop Christmas Market

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