“Snowflakes swirl down gently in the deep blue haze beyond the window. The outside world is a dream. ….. Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Foxgate House_004finalThe Foxgate House by L2 Studio felt comfortable the minute I saw it.  Double front doors, generous entry hall space and deep windowsills that are ideal for plants and your special treasures.  Great details in the wood and brickwork.

Included with Foxgate is the following:
Foxgate House L2Studio 101 Prims.
1 prim step
2 prim short wall
1 prim 8×8 patio
extra prim with brick texture
House base 6 prims
sidewalk 6×2.5
Leaning mirror 1 prim

Entryway L2Studio FoxgateHALLWAY:

DaD DESIGN “50’s Style mirror” copy 6 prims

Trompe Loeil – Ines Triangle Plate Decor Mahogany 1 prim

Baskets  3Dreamworld Studios or search Morris Mertel on the Marketplace 1 prim

SO African Rugs Collection Animal Prints Palmetto Ivory Multi
https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/56048 1 prim

Stained Glass Maruti Textures Autumn Birch Stained Glass Texture – Full Perm  (I made this with a prim, fiddled with the transparency and it turned out pretty good!) 1 prim

Chinese Lantern Plant LISP BAZAAR 8 prims

“Little Buddha” Wicker Basket ZEN & SERENITY SHOP 12 Prims

windowsill shots_Final2

Great fun adding things to these windowsills.  Looking forward to decorating them for the holidays 😀

windowsill shots_004FINAL

windowsill shots_010Final


Aphrodite Shop   Autumn Centerpiece with autumn Leaves & Pinecones   4 Prims

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Pack of Candles   1 prim
1 Prim Low Table (no longer available)   1 prim

[ARIA]  Rosalind Potted Orchid  (9 color choices on the orchids, 4 color choices on the pot, off/on shadow)  2 prims
Apple Fall  Pug Ceramic Decor    1 prim

Apple Fall Potted Plant (Exotic) 3 prims

The Emporium  White Orchid     2 prims

TERRASHOP   Green Orchid GIFT      3 prims

tarte. & Plethoria  hunter stool    2 prims

TEMPURA DECORS  Egg Faberge     4 prims

Hayabusa Design Pot for flower Group Gift) 2 prims

YellowBranch Ikebana (test – made for me by my very talented friend Xavii Zahm   4 prims

Bahia Tiki– Fujisawa Pots 3 prims

Zigana . beaded curtain . sea 4 prims (mod)


Studio Home_011Final3

Little Amber Torchiere’  Glimmer Moon 2 Prims

Abadutiker    *Lacquer Tansu* 1 prim

flowey     flowey’s original poster / vintage edition – Bonne Annee 1 Prim Colabor88

flowey     flowey’s original poster / vintage edition – Planet Chart 1 prim   Colabor88

Dutchie gift: lillies 1 prim

Culprit Furniture & Prefabs    Parrot Fish 2 prims

+Half-Deer+    Framed Constellation Lights – Andromeda 1 prim Colabor88

Trompe Loeil –    Zophia Bed Brown Messy {A} 11 prms

Apple Fall     Hydrangea Bunch 1 Prim

Apple Fall     Books w/ Deer Head Bookends 1 prim

LISP BAZAAR     Provence Table – Texture Change 11 Prims

Apple Fall   Pillow (Tree) 1 prim

Apple Fall   Books 1 prim

{what next}   Knitting Basket (part of the Autumn Porch set) 4 prims

Persian Rug    Tempura Decors 1 Prim

Trompe Loeil   Round Endtable Morning Light Fabrics 2 Prims (10 cloth texture change options)

Apple Fall    Manhattan Table Lamp 1 Prim on/off

Bahia Tiki    Bali Incense 4 Prim

Apple Fall    1st Day of Christmas Coffee Cup 1 Prim