“Fall is my favorite season in Los Angeles, watching the birds change color and fall from the trees.” — David Letterman

Hard to believe October is almost over….so much to do to prepare for the upcoming holidays . . and I’m always in a great party mood from Halloween to New Years.  Fall is in full color during this time and friends and family are always close.  Getting our new home situated and putting everything out in SL that I love in RL – not that I have forest ruins sitting behind my home  in real life  – is great fun and I’ve kept busy with new ideas and lots of shopping to find what I need.


I found a great Rock Wall Pack by Organica while I was wandering around at this year’s Home and Garden Expo.  That was one of the first things I played around with when we got to our new home – I’m always desperate to hide that unsightly parcel separation that’s supposed to be mountains.  I put up some of the rock and eventually added some trees and other landscaping items to add interest.  Some friends stopped by and one of them discovered you can stand on the rocks – I hadn’t gotten around to trying that – and this opened up an entirely new set of ideas and possibilities.


At first I put a blanket on the rock formation with the flat shelf area, and some stone steps to get up there to see how things would look…and then, it dawned on me that Botanical had the very thing I needed!  I had climbed up, sat on , photographed and pouted that I didn’t have room for the Forest Ruins Tower…happily now I do!  With only a bit of stretching this way, then that – it fit perfectly against the rocks and the stairway is a great climb to the top.  I like to have a special place everywhere we live, and this is exactly what I wanted for us.

I had been to Botanical a few days before and picked up the Aspen Saplings which comes with separate underbrush to add if you want.   There is a season/color change HUD for the saplings so you can change things around.  When I went back for the tower I saw the pumpkins which I had to have because it’s pumpkin season . . .and then I saw the campfire .  .


The fire is brilliant and so much fun!  It burns down to ash, and clicking on the wood stack refills the fire with fresh wood – another quick touch starts the fire again. There are rough hewn benches with single/couple (cuddle) animations and even a sit for roasting marshmallows on a stick. Nothing to keep in the inventory with the marshmallow props – stand up or change positions and the stick and marshmallows disappear – like magic! Kind of like real life . . marshmallows – gone…


Halloween is creeping up . .don’t Trick or Treat alone, and NEVER let the ghouls, goblins and zombies steal your good Halloween candy!

Organica Rock Wall – copy/mod – 3 Pieces with 2, 3, and 5 prims.  There is also a fantastic River Erosion pack with sand.

Botanical Forest Tower      51 prims   mod/copy

Decorative Halloween Pumpkins      1 prim each, small/med/large,  mod/copy

Campfire     3 prims, scripted to burn down touch to turn fire off mod/copy and AVI aware

Botanical Log seat        1 prim each (4 logs included) couples and singles sits

Stacked Firewood        1 prim,  mod/copy

NOTE:  The fire burns down to ashes.  When you are ready for a new fire, touch the stacked firewood, then touch the fire to start.  Go here to see the options on the fire:


Aspen Sapling       1 prim each,  2 sapling options, color change/seasonal change HUD   

Aspen Underbrush is included, 2 underbrush options 1 prim each, color change/seasonal change HUD


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