Our Magnificent, Astonishing and Remarkable….Peris Ashton

goodbye peris


I logged into Second Life last night and got the worst news you can ever receive about a friend . . . that friend is Peris Ashton, DJ Extraordinaire, and the news was that he had died at his home in Greece.  I was shocked, grief stricken, and felt an immediate hurt that encompassed not only my loss – but the loss of many, many people who were also honored to call him “friend”.

Peris was my second friend here.  Over time we became close, I was friends with his partner and his love, Sammi, and being friends with them opened many doors to new friendships.  I became weary of being approached by men, but Peris told me . . “you come dance close to me and Sammi and NO one will bother you”.  He was right.  Under his protection I went to many clubs where he worked, danced for hours to his endless music stream, and met people that I am still proud to call a friend.

He was around when I was lonely, made me laugh when I was sad, gave me a shoulder to cry on – and ears and a heart to hear my secrets.  I never worried that he would tell my secrets because he never told me anyone else’s.  Peris’ friends KNEW he could be trusted and he has carried all of our secrets with him.

He was loyal.  Whatever you needed, he was there to help.  

Goodbye Peris5

He knew music and he loved his music with a passion.  Whether it was rock and roll, blues, country and western . . he had it down!  I always tried to trip him up and find a band or song he hadn’t heard of.  Didn’t happen often, but when it did I felt like I’d won the lottery.  He was always appreciative of the new music, and if he liked it, I would hear it when he DJ’d.  One of my favorite songs is Black Betty by Ram Jam.  He played it for me every time I was around.

Most thankfully, he introduced me to Zhoy.  He was on stage playing the drums one night and Peris said … “You know, Ayla…  Zhoy is a good guy and he’s funny!  I think you should talk to him.”  The rest is history.  Peris knew him – because  Zhoy IS a good guy and he makes me laugh all the time with his jokes and barbs and all around great sense of humor.  This changed my life as I knew it and I am forever grateful

Sadly, my time in SL became limited with RL work, and most of the time I have is spent with Zhoy.  Peris’ DJ gigs were not compatable with the time we are here – so I saw much less of him and Sammi.  Occasionally when he saw me online I’d get a surprise “hi bb” and he’d blow me a kiss. Always asked how Zhoy was, how I was.  Sometimes if I had the time he would send a TP to come dance and listen to the music.

goodbye Peris3

The last time I saw him was August 28th.  I went to dance a bit before work, and he and Sammi were going strong.  Great music, good visit, it just didn’t last long enough….

For those of us who were brought together by his music, shared the fun and often crazy times, embraced the laughter and danced like no one was watching – we have lost a friend who can never be replaced.  My heart goes out to all of us, and to his sons and Mother who grieve a much more difficult loss. To Sammi I don’t even know what to say but how incredibly sorry I am that this has happened….and that doesn’t even come close to being everything I want to say.

Thanks to everyone who sent photos for the slide show today at the memorial party.  I borrowed a pic or 2 because all the pics I had were lost.

Peris Ashton, you were one of a kind!

Goodbye Peris6


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